Twenty-Two – "That was Rather Dramatic."

Not Claire's screams were blaringly loud in Charlie's ears as Bela Talbot shorted out in her body, falling at Crowley's feet. Not Dean looked two seconds away from snapping Jo's neck, but Cas got to him just in time. With two fingers to the demon's head, Not Dean fell into a heap at the angel's feet.

"Whoa, whoa!" Charlie exclaimed, as Not Claire broke free from Jody's grip. Just like with Jo, Cas tamed Not Claire with two fingers to her forehead. The demon collapsed midstride, landing feet in front of Charlie. "Guess I owe you two favors now. First you brought me back, and now you saved me from being demon chow."

"That was rather dramatic," Crowley muttered, kicking Bela's corpse.

"Could you be a little more respectful of the dead?" Jessica protested.

Crowley scoffed. "How can you have empathy for this bitch?"

"I wasn't saying to be respectful to her, but to the others who are buried here."

The king rolled his eyes.

"Can't believe you stole my kill," Meg snarled to him. "She abducted me. I had every right to make her a trophy!" She looked about ready to try and make Crowley one in the cemetery.

"Be thankful she was stopped at all," he retorted. "She was in over her head. Her mind was already at the finish line, her plan failed to catch up. Pity, for a moment, she convinced me she was a force to be reckoned with."

"Come on, let's get these two back to the bunker before they wake up," Cas ordered, gesturing to Not Dean and Not Claire. "We can get the demons out, and then they'll be back to their old selves."

"Maybe," Meg said. "Betcha Blondie Jr. has never been possessed before. Dean-o will be fine. He may survive, but will she?"

The angel gave her a severe look. "She's much stronger than she looks."

"A pipsqueak like her?"

"I know what I'm talking about."

The group slowly banded together. Jody scooped up Claire while Cas and Sam lugged Dean's body. Meg handled an unconscious Alex since nobody else seemed to want to carry the girl.

"Um, you're leaving without saying 'thank you'?" Crowley growled.

"Oh, sorry. Thank you, Your Highness, for lending your brave services," Meg drawled, mocking bowing to the King of Hell, nearly dropping Alex while doing so.

"If you weren't surrounded by your merry band of misfits, I would kill you again."

"Keep dreaming. Maybe someday in the future we'll battle again, but for now, farewell."

"Are demons always this dramatic?" Jessica asked.

"I'll take dramatic over killing machine any day," Charlie breathed.

Crowley did his disappearing act from before, leaving the group with one less to take back to the bunker. Between Jody's truck and the Impala, the group got all settled in.

"If Cas is with the others, how are we gonna restrain Claire if she wakes up before we get back?" Charlie asked. Claire remained in the backseat with Meg. Meg wasn't fond of Alex leaning against her, she could only move so much. Jody was the driver in her truck.

"I'll coldcock her," Meg said firmly. "Kind of wish I'd had the honor of killing the bitch myself."

"Did she try and sway you to her cause?"

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