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Allison had known Maria since always. She had seen the crazy look in her eyes when she didn't get what she wanted,  be it on the top of the cheer squad pyramid or the title of one of Montgomery's favorite sweethearts.

Where she currently stood at number two.

She had that same crazy look when she had set her eyes on Dmitri Oakley. The truth about Maria was that she could fool almost anyone, anyone except Allison Leblanc. The way she had twirled her raven hair and had walked towards Dmitri after the bell ; she meant business.

Any fool could tell how Dmitri wasn't interested in her. And that was Dmitri Oakley's very first mistake. A mistake he'd soon learn he'd have to pay for. Very gravely.

"Hey, I'm Maria Garcia," she extended her palm for him to shake. Dmitri looked up, bare chested - a Greek god doppelganger-   and in the middle of buttoning his jeans. His face completely stoic.

Allison saw how Maria's eyes were all over him. Her new boy toy, she thought. Oh how Maria had wanted to run her tongue along his jaw and nip at his bottom lip, looking straight into his faded grey eyes. Not blinking.

"Dmitri" he shook her hand with enough disinterest and recoiled his palm when he felt Maria squeeze it.

It was only for a nanosecond but she could see Maria's face fall, then again she might have fooled everyone but not Allison. "Anyways," she fake smiled clapping her hands, "Dmitri, as in Russian?" 

Dmitri scoffed, "it's Greek actually." He pulled on his black shirt over his head and ran a hand through his tousled hair. 

Maria's breath hitched.

"Why are you looking at them as if you're going to skewer one of them alive ?" Allison jumped turning around and gasped, her hand on her chest, heart beating in her mouth.

"You scared the shit out of me, you jackass."

She nudged Jason in the chest with her elbow and he frowned rubbing his chest, for a guy he was lanky as hell but Allison was the only one tall enough to reach his chest. "Well if only you'd see how creepy you looked. By the way what's up with her?"

"I think she's going for her new boy toy." Allison said, more to herself than to Jason. She saw Maria lean in and whisper something in Dmitri's ear  and he froze. For someone looking from the back of the class with all the canvases it'd seem like it was at something Maria had just said but his gaze told another story. Allison followed his line of sight , her eyes widening at the person she saw next.

Dmitri's eyes locked on a certain hazel and a green eyed, freckled goddess. Her different colored eyes screaming in volumes like the two faces of every person. Janus, his and hers.

She leaned against the door frame. Her full mouth was etched in a deep scowl, the same mouth he had so heatedly once kissed. She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head to the side. Her eyes narrowed, disapprovingly at him and his company. 

"Dmitri?" Maria's hand was on his chest now "Are you even listening?" 

He was pulled back from his trance and when he looked back to the doorway she was gone. Maria followed his gaze, there was no one there.

But Maria knew Dmitri was already lost on her. He looked at her hand, resting on his chest and haughtily stepped back from her, his eyes scanning  the door. An act that meant he had better things to do than Maria.

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