Twenty-One – The Cemetery

Once the group got to the cemetery, Sam parked the Impala a ways away so Bela nor her help would spot it. They had to keep the element of surprise if they had a chance of this plan running smoothly.

"Okay. Cas, Meg, and Crowley are probably already in position," Charlie noted. "Jody and I will take one side of the cemetery, you and Sam take the other side, Jess. Jo will be waiting further back, ready to help whoever."

"Did we ever discuss a signal?" Jessica wondered aloud. Prior to this, she didn't think that one was ever established.

"Huh, I guess we didn't. Well, I think we'll know it when we see it. Hopefully that signal isn't Bela ripping out Crowley's innards or decapitating him."

"That's...awfully grim, Charlie."

"Hey, better it be him than any of us."

The five split out into their groups, Sam and Jessica side by side as they headed for the open cemetery. Moonlight shone like a spotlight down on the place, almost as if it knew what was about to go down.

"If things go wrong, you run for it," Sam told Jessica.

Jessica looked at him strangely. "What?"

"I mean it. If things get real bad, you gotta save yourself."

"Um, that's not in the plan. Is this because Cas brought me back? Look, Sam, it's too late to turn back. Running away is being a coward, and I am not about to be a coward." A soft breeze blew through the two's hair. "I may not be an expert like you or Dean with this stuff, but my lack of knowledge isn't going to make me run from this."

"You're definitely not the Jess I knew back at Stanford."

"And you're not the Sam that I knew back at Stanford. I guess that makes us even." Jessica squinted her eyes in hopes that she could get a glimpse ahead. She saw figures moving that didn't look like Cas or Meg. Jessica put her arm out to stop Sam. "She brought company."

"Crap. She did. That's Alex."

Jessica's phone buzzed in her pocket. Four in total. Dean, Alex, Claire all watchdogs, was Charlie's text. Don't get spotted.

"She's already here, then," Jessica murmured. She looked around, searching for any cover she and Sam could utilize to get closer. She saw only headstones, and none seemed big enough to hide their tall bodies. "We need to get closer."

"We can't without being seen, Jess."

"Then we take it one step at a time. We might have to cram our bodies behind tombstones." Jessica grimaced. She wasn't fond of the idea. We can't just hang back and wait for someone to die to jump in.

As stealthily as the two could, they found tombstones close to each other and crouched behind them. Jessica peeked around hers, noticing the back of Alex's head. Further away, she could see Crowley, and the back of who she assumed to be Bela Talbot.

Thanks to the open setting they were positioned in, conversation lofted to her ears.

"I'm glad someone recognizes what I'm doing here," Bela drawled in her British accent. "I don't know why nobody's done this before. It solves all our problems." The demon woman turned her head slightly, to acknowledge her help. "Snatch a few hunter bodies, have them take out their own people. It's kind of ironic when you think about it." She turned her attention back to Crowley. "I can't have been summoned here just for you to praise me, though I do appreciate the flattery."

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