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I tried calling Laura for the fifth time. Our flight was in four hours, so I wanted to say goodbye to her properly, tell her I was going to miss her and that I was sorry that we had to go. I really wanted to stay. But for the fifth time, she didn't answer.

 Yesterday, I had talked to her over the phone and told her we had to leave to London for a concert. She only replied by hanging up rudely in my face. She didn't give me time to explain to her that Simon only told us that same day and I really didn't want to go. Her reaction was fine with me though. I knew I should have stayed with her until the day I said I'd stay, not a week before that. I knew that she was completely right about being angry at me, even though it broke my heart. I wish I would've known.

I texted her then, because she'd probably see that. I mean, who doesn't read their texts? Even those girls from that girl show called Little Pretty Liars or something read those texts that A person sent them. I watched it once, okay? With Cassie who made me. Don't judge.

To: Laura

Hey love. I didnt know we had to go to england for a show, neither did the boys. We only found out yesterday. Simon told us a few hours before I called you. I'm so sorry that we couldnt stay longer. I'll miss u so much. xxxxx

It ended up like a pretty long text. I had hoped for it to be shorter, since it costed money and we're payed with leaves and chocolate. Hah no. Just kidding.

Surprisingly, my phone started ringing. By the song it played, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, I knew it was Laura. Yes, I had put Marry You as the ringtone for when Laura calls me. The boys started singing along to it when they heard it, and I just rolled my eyes.

"SHUT UP," I yelled over them before answering the call. "Laura? Hey babe."(A/N: I would die if he ever called me babe just OMFG. I wish Laura was me, really. I mean, like babe AH gawd save me)

"You... you said y-you wouldn't leave me... And I trusted you," she choked out. A knot formed in my stomach. I noticed she had been crying, and it was my fault. It hurt me so bad to know I had cause her pain. I had made her cry. My eyes were full of tears, and when I blinked they fell down my cheeks. I didn't bother wiping them off.

"I'm sorry... I can't not go.. It's... It's my job. I'm so sorry love, I-I really wanted to stay... Sorry."

"You know what? Whatever. Just go, I don't care, okay?" She was suddenly angry at me, but she had a perfect reason. I hated that she was mad at me, and I'd do anything for her to forgive me, but it wouldn't be easy.

"Okay... Sorry again. I'll miss you, love. Bye." I hung up.

We left to the airport, but I didn't enjoy the ride. We got on the plane, and I didn't enjoy the flight. I didn't eat the food. The rest of that day was just a blur to me; I was in my own world the whole time. All I wanted was Laura's trust, and when I finally got it, I ruined it. She hated me now. She had reasons to hate me. She was going to break up with me and I'd die forever alone probably in a box in the street.

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