Lapis!Phos x Reader

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I recommend reading the manga first. And HAVE YOU GUYS CHECKED THE LATEST CHAPTER?! Poor baby Cairngorm..



Let's just say, life hasn't been easier for a certain [H/C] gem. Her thoughts were filled with a certain blue haired gem, Phosphophyllite. He has lost his former self and has changed so much to the point it scared [Y/N].

After he went to the Moon, most gems thought he won't be coming back. Oh how wrong they were, Phos suprised them all with his arrival. And what makes it even more suprising, is that Phos actually planned to take some of the gems to the Moon, including her, his partner.

"[Y/N].. you don't have to do it..", Cairngorm muttered worriedly as he looked at the stoned [H/C] gem.

"I have too Cairngorm.. He's my responsibility."

"Then I'm coming".

"Didn't say you can't go".

And so half of the gems left the Earth and went to the Moon, leaving their partners behind. Rutile took the most impact for she lost the opportunity to cure Padparadscha on her own. Her pride as a doctor was broken.

Life on the Moon was weird, no one expects the Moon People to talk and act like them. Aechmea the leader often accompany her during her stay in the Moon, the Prince would tell her stories about themselves and the creatures called Humans.

[Y/N] would sometimes walk with the Prince around the Moon, seeing the dust of the gems that were abducted by them and then grind into fine dust on the Moon.

"Here's your Lover", Aechmea said as he handed [Y/N] a piece of white silvery gem that looks like a flower. Antarcticite.

"L-Lover..?" [Y/N] titled her head in a confuse manner as the foreign word rolled out her tongue.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't jumped into conclusions", Aechmea quickly apologize as he stared at the shorter gem infront of him.

"What do you mean? What is a Lover?".

"A lover is someone who loves you dearly and cherishes you. I assumed that Antarcticite and you are lovers for your romantic and caring relationship". Aechmea explained.

"Love..", [Y/N] muttered as she stared at the while silvery shard in her hand.

Aechmea said nothing for the Prince of the Moon knew how much pain the [H/C] had endured. The Prince stroke her [H/C] locks gently, comforting the shaking gem. Engulfing her in warm embrace.

Phos who saw this hid himself behind the column, he shouldn't have dragged her into his mess. Looking at how pained [Y/N] is hurts him to the core, he felt himself cracking, he felt the golden alloy trickling from the crack on his thighs, he felt them coming out of his dual coloured orbs.

Seeing his [Y/N] like this hurts him more than loosing limbs and head.

"I see your friend has awaken".

"You mean Padparadscha?"

Aechmea nod as he escort [Y/N] to the operating room where Padparadscha is seen casually leaning on a column with Yellow Diamond chatting with him.

"Padparadscha!", [Y/N] exclaimed in happiness, letting go of Aechmea's hand as she raced towards Padparadscha who had a soft smile plastered on his face.

"Hey [Y/N]", the male said as he hugged the female closely. Yellow who's being ignored pouted as the male joined in the group hug, earning a laugh from Padparadscha and [Y/N], who accepted Yellow in their hugging affair.

Aechmea left the trio smiling to himself. Before he could make it to his room, he was conforted by none other than Phosphophyllite.

"Phosphophyllite, what can I do for you?", the Prince ask politely at the gem infront of him.

"What do Lovers usually do?".

Hearing the gem's question, Aechmea knew what the peppermint gem's intentions are without asking further. Phos listen carefully Aechmea's words, occasionally nodding and asking another question.

After a while of chit chatting, Phos stood up and faced the Moon Prince. "How do you tell when the one you like, likes you back?", Phos asked bluntly at the Prince.

"They cared for you, they sometimes scold you because they're worried, and you're close with eachother".

"Thank You Aechmea".

"Please don't call me by that name".

"I'm sorry! I mean Prince!!", Phos exclaimed as he looked at the depressed Prince.

After a while of apologizing and trying to cheer up the depressed Prince and preventing him from getting drunk too much. Phos found himself staring at [Y/N] who is currently in a deep conversation with the one and only Cairngorm.

The white haired gem was smiling softly at [Y/N] which Phos did not like at all. From what Aechmea taught him, the feeling that he is currently feeling is called Jealousy. And Phos was convinced that he fell in love with [Y/N], too bad even on the Moon he has many competions.

First, he has Cairngorm, then Padparadscha, and Benito and probably Yellow Diamond.

And how happy he was when he saw Cairngorm being called by Padparadscha (FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FI- *slapped*).

Phos smirked when he finally had [Y/N] for himself, he stretch his golden alloy hand and proceed to looped them around [Y/N]'s waist. The female gem was startled when Phos pulled her towards his slightly taller body that was hid behind the column (he wears heels now).

"Ne, Senpai, I learned something from Aechmea", Phos said with a goofy smile.

"What is it?".


Phos leaned close to the [H/C] female, earning a blush from the [E/C] gem due to the close proximity of their face. She felt her orbs being closed by Phos, confused by his actions [Y/N] opened her mouth to say something but only to be cut off by Phos with his own lips.

Phos eventually leaned back, and stared at the tomato like [Y/N]. His blue and white orbs stared at [Y/N]'s [E/C] ones. "I love you [Y/N]..", the blue haire dgem muttered, pulling her into an embrace.

Even without [Y/N]'s answer Phos knew the answer. [Y/N] may still love Antarcticite, but slowly and surely he will steal her heart back and make her his forever.


"Are you okay [Y/N]?", Benito asked gently cupping her face in his hands while Padparadscha and Cairngorm chased the running away Phos.

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