Jade x Reader

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"[Y/N] do you want to play cards?"

"Senpai, senpai, senpai"

"Phos stop clinging to me!!, Benito, I'll play with you later. Zircon stop poking me, AND FOR THE TENTH TIME PLEASE STOP SHAKING THE TUB I'M FINE!!".


As if on cue, the tub stop shaking and the male gems that were pestering and clinging to [Y/N] left in silence, and annoyed, secretly blaming each other on how annoying they were to the [H/C] gem.

For example, Phos blamed Zircon, Zircon blamed Benito and Benito blamed Phos.

"Come on boys, go run off and play", Rutile said as she showed her trusty scissors and start giggling like a mad doctor, earning a screech from the males who's starting to runaway from the Quack Doc.

"Thank you Rutile~", [Y/N] giggled, grateful that her friend managed to shoo all the boys. Being the beautiful doctor is hard.

"[Y/N]! [Y/N]!", a soft familiar voice was heard. Both doctors turned towards Euclase, the two colour haired gem who's carrying a wooden bowl filled with sparkling green shards that [Y/N] and Rutile recognize as Jade.

"Oh dear, what happened?", Rutile asked as she quickly climbed the ladder to grab the bowl of tree sap. While [Y/N] helped Euclase putting Jade's wrecked body onto the operating table.

"Jade fell of the second floor trying to get Phos out of the edge, but he ended up falling instead", Euclase explained.

"Well, that's unusual for Jade to act so recklessly and fell from the second floor", [Y/N] chuckled lightly, earning a laugh from Euclase.

After a while of pieceing and glueing the green haired gem, both doctors finally finished and is currently resting againts the columns of the school building waiting for the green haired gem to wake up.

"[Y/N]? Rutile?"

"That was utterly reckless of you Jade, you should've let Phos fall", Rutile joked, earning a light shook from the tub in agreement. [Y/N] glared slightly at the shaking tub before looking at Jade with a soft smile.

"At least you're fine now Jade".

"Y-Yeah.. th-thank you [Y/N]", Jade stuttered as his cheeks went pink.

"You're welcome Speaker Jade, you may go now and please be more careful!", [Y/N] replied as she went to tidy up the medical stuffs, since Rutile is to laz- tired to do so.

Jade nod as he then hopped off the medical table and walked out of the Medic Corner, looking left and right, front and back, after he was sure there's no one here.. he broke into a sprint.

"EUC!! WHERE ARE YOU??!!" Jade shouted as he run in the hallways of the school looking for his two colour haired partner.

Euclase emerges from her room upon hearing her name being called by her partner, after about two steps, she collided with Jade who's running in the hallways. Both gems fell down, Jade mutter an apology before helping Euclase up.

"Euc! It worked!!"

"What worked?"

"MY PLAN WORKED!! Let's do it again!".

"You falling off the second floor purposely while I cover you up?", Euclase said with a sweatdropped.

"It may not be the best plan but it surely gets [Y/N]'s attention!!", Jade exclaimed happily as he jumped up and down.

"What if [Y/N] finds out that you didn't actually save Phos?", Euclase said with a worry tone laced in her soft voice.

"We'll just make sure he doesn't spill it".

"And how you planned on getting that kid to not spill?"

"Should've said Zircon's name instead..", Jade muttered. "He's more reasonable".

Euclase sighed as she went back to her quarters, being the kind and soft gem she is, Euc can't say no to Jade especially when it makes him happy.

So the next day, the same incident of saving Phos from falling off the edge again happend, and honestly it starts to get suspicious for both [Y/N] and Rutile. First, Phos wouldn't be playing in the edge twice, especially when he knows it's dangerous. Phos isn't that stupid. Second, how could Jade be the one to save him twice? Jade should be on patrol right now, not laying on the operating table.

So after operating Jade, [Y/N] went to look for Phos, who's lying on the grass surrounded with yellow butterflies.


"[Y/N]-Senpai!", Phos exclaimed happily at the sight if his senior.

"Stop playing near the edge of the second floor, poor Jade fell down on the second floor twice to save you from falling!", [Y/N] scolded the confused Phos.

"[Y/N]-Senpai, Why would Speaker Jade fell off the second floor? When I wasn't even on the Second Floor, I was with Sensei on the previous day and today!", Phos exclaimed.

[Y/N] looked at Phos before standing up and broke into a sprint towards the medic corner where Jade is currently having a chat with Rutile and Euclase.


"Oh no, hide me Euc!"

Euclase only smile as she blocked the greennette's escape. [Y/N] arrived and saw how frighten and nervous Jade looked. The female gem managed to calm down before went face to face with Jade.

"Why on earth would you jumped from the second floor on purpose?", [Y/N] ask with worry laced in her voice.

"To get your attention".

"W-what do you mean?".

"The youngsters always hog you around keeping you away from me, so I come up with a plan to get your attention".

"By jumping off the second floor and hurting yourself?!"

"And me lying to you!", added Euclase from the background.

"What else can I do to get your attention? You only have time in the Medical Corner.. so yeah.. sorry".

Staring at Jade's regretful green orbs, [Y/N] found herself smiling. "If you want to spend time with me just say so".

Jade only pout like a child as he then awkwardly hug [Y/N] which the [H/C] returned.

"I ship it".

As if on cue everyone in the room turned to the Quack Doc who said it with a blunt tone.

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