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Loki's POV

'I do hope you dislike your welcome to earth, Loki Laufeyson.'

Loki smiled sadly as he stood in the dark realm, the OTHER was approaching him with a staff in his hands, the voice felt familiar Loki just couldn't remember from where. His mind was to busy trying to subconcioulsy fight of the mind control of- of something.

he couldn't remember.

Not like he remembered much anyway. His head was jumbled, his body was bruised, he was exhausted, and couldn't think straight much less try to remember the familiar voice.

He was going to go rule earth. Bring the mortals freedom. This was what he wanted. Or was- or was it... really? Yes. No he- This is what he wants. But- No- Yes- No! Yes!

When the other turned around and walked away, loki grabbed his head with the hand that wasn't holding a staff. He couldn't think properly, something was in his head. Yes, he wanted to rule earth. That was all he wanted-

He caught his reflection in the metal part of his staff, and he brought it closer to his face. He looked at the dark smudges under his eyes, the scrapes and dirt which only showed a fraction of the pain he'd been through.

And since when were his eyes blue?

Unknown Woman's POV - A little time later.

She had watched Loki's entrance and escape through Nick Fury's eyes.

And to say she was surprised would be an understatement, though she didn't show it. She knew that the trickster god of asgard was alive, but- but this wasn't the Loki she knew, the Loki she had played with as a child. He looked exhausted, dirty, and in pain. In all the time that she had known Loki she had never seen him look like this, so... void like.

The door to the interrogation room slid open, as the only person that she's seen since she had been 'kidnapped' entered. "Hello Nick, how was your business trip?"

He glared at her, "I told you last time, you will tell us who and what you are-"

"You should visit Captain Rodgers before you visit me Director, I won't be telling you much." She advised knowingly, "well unless you ask the right questions."

Nick fury's glare grew until he gave up and sighed, massaging his temple, "I assume you know what's happening. And with how old we assume you are, do you know of Loki? Of Thor and Asgard? Can you help the earth that you have been protecting for centuries?"

She just stared at an old black and white picture of a platinum blonde lady in a British WW2 uniform perched and aiming a sniper, Nick Fury sighed and started to head out the door but before it even slid open the woman spoke stopping Fury in his tracks, "I will help."

"You will?"

She nodded, "I know of Loki and Thor, I have been on Asgard a few times when I was younger. You are right, I must protect this planet, as I have been doing for centuries."

He turned around and stared at her, "we will need to know what and who you are."

She smiled sadly, "yes... I suppose you will. My name is Δεκέμβριος."

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