my murder

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im 19 and this is my story on how i got murder i was just walk from my friends 8pm i was about a couple of blocks away from house like right by the woods i heard footsteps crackling over dried leaves and stick it sounded like it was comeing from rightbehind me i call out who there what do you want then i heard a gun shot i took a few steps back and heard more foots steps froma distance  i turned around and ran as fast as i could hopeing and hopeing that i could get away i got to my house locked all my doors and window who ever was following me folowed me home. i call my friend to come over to night sincemy roommate wouldnt be home till friday. well couple of minutes past then theres was a knock at the door i unlocked the door but right before i locked the last 2 lockes i heard 2 voices on the other side i thought it was my friend it it was two growin men standing outside my door with a gun in his hand waiting for me to unlock the door so he could kill me. i looked out the window and saw my friend pull up and the men took off running. i opened the door the next night i told my friend im goin for a walk as i was walking it felt like i was being followed i turned around the two same guys were followng me they told to go in the woods and i ran for it i ran in to my it seem like noone could see me was  dead or was i dreaming well this was no dream i was a ghost who stuck on earth thats my story on how i got murder the murder never got caught they all gave up on

 sad but true

TO BE COUNTINUE......................................................

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