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All of us twenty-one teenagers are sitting around a fire which some of the boys made using the twigs they collected in the forest. Each of us had grabbed a sleeping bag earlier from the pile of supplies, and now some of the boys were sleeping while others were just staring into the flames. Everyone was terribly exhausted from walking around the Glade, looking for anything that may explain why we are here or may help us. Yes, we named this field the Glade when the dark-skinned boy accidentally called the knifes glades instead of blades, and for some reason, it stuck with us. So far, the boys had found out that the forest where Blondie and I had talked was quite large and dense. Moreover, next to it there were gardens that already had an irrigation system placed and seeds for various vegetables and fruits already planted. On the other side of the Glade, there was an empty animal pen and a small hut next to it. These discoveries only further solidified my theory that we were sent here by someone for a reason, and were expected to live here. Unfortunately, it is quite a depressing thought.

Tired from this horrible day, I make myself comfortable before bidding Blondie goodnight. He insisted that I sleep next to him, probably thinking that he would be able to protect from the other boys if I slept closer. He is such a sweet gentleman and I didn't mind at all, but it did result in some sarcastic remarks from the Asian boy. I feel drowsy almost immediately, and fall into the inviting arms of sleep. 

I watch myself standing next to a woman wearing a plain, white dress and her hair gathered in a tight bun. I look a few years younger, my innocent face filled with fear and sadness as I stare at something that the other women is looking at as well. I turn around to see what my younger self is looking at, and my eyes meet a horrific scene. A huge jar, almost as tall as the room, filled with a pale bluish-green liquid, holds a bulbous creature that looks mechanical spider, only more terrifying. It has spears, knives and needles for appendages, and it clearly looks like a nightmarish monster designed to torture. I quickly look away, not wanting to look at that creature anymore, with tears silently sliding down my face. "Why?" my younger self asks with a quivering voice. "Why is this happening?" The woman bends down to me and whispers in my ear: "Remember, my dear Rosa, this is all for the greater good. No matter what, WICKED is good."

My eyes open to see that the glass jar with that horrific monsters has been replaced with the dying embers of last night's fire. I shoot up, breathing heavily, still feeling the terror and disgust from my dream. It is still very early, and the sun has not even risen yet. I finally remember my name! It's Rosa! However, my delight changes to fear when I remember the rest of my dream. What was that creature for and why did I dream about this? I decide not to ponder over it, thinking that it is probably just a dream. I look around to see that the rest of the boys are still peacefully sleeping, so I quietly get out of my sleeping bag and walk towards the forest. When I reach the opening of the forest, I find a sturdy tree with thick branches, and start climbing. To my surprise, I find it fairly easy as my legs find the right footholds with ease. Maybe I liked climbing trees before, I think as I find a strong branch to sit on. 

I stare at the brightening sky, feeling calm despite the current situation, admiring the serene view of the Glade in front of me.  Suddenly, a booming noise echoes throughout the Glade, almost making me fall off the branch. I regain my balance and look around, trying to find the source of the noise. The booming noise repeats, followed by a deafening rumbling from all around the Glade. With my mouth wide open, I see the massive walls in front of me move apart! The same happens to the walls on my left and right, thus I assume the walls beyond the forest behind me must be opening too. How is this even possible? How can walls move? I wonder as I climb down the tree to go and examine this phenomenon. At the distance, I see the boys standing and facing the opening in the walls in front of them. I jog towards the group, hoping to find Blondie and the other three boys I had gotten acquainted with. I finally find them, gaping at the walls like I had. 

"Hey Blondie. Not a nice sight to wake up to huh?" I ask. He slightly smiles at my tone.

"Not that it matters in the light of this situation, but I have a name and it's Newt. So I guess you don't have to call me Blondie anymore." he says with a twinkle in his eye. I grin at him, happy that not only remembered his name, but also because he is so delighted to uncover this piece from his past, even though he is hiding it really well.

"Newt." I love the way his name rolls off my tongue. It sounds almost...natural. "Nice to meet you. My name is Rosa." I say while extending my hand. He smirks while shaking my hand, and whispers "That is a beautiful name", then unexpectedly he gives me a hug. I hesitate for a second before hugging him back, feeling slightly surprised at how protected I feel. I hear someone clear their throat behind me and I feel a blush creep to my face as I break from the hug and turn around to see the Asian grinning at us, and the rest of the boys staring at us as well. 

"Just in case you two didn't notice, the freaking walls moved by themselves and now there are four openings in the Glade." He says slowly, as if explaining to a child. I lightly slap his arm, laughing to myself at his tone. "And by the looks of it, I don't think it matters to you, but I think the rest of us remember our names as well. And mine is Minho." he tells me, extending his hand.

"You are right in thinking it doesn't to me what you name is, Minho." I sass back, swatting his hand with a chuckle. He stares at me dumbfounded for a moment, while everyone laughs around him. "I'm just joking" I say, giving a pat on his shoulder. "Of course I care, and I'm so happy that all of you remember."

"Ok, enough fooling around. We need to discuss about the walls." says the dark-skinned boy.

"Well, since we are all here, we can have a gathering about it now. Maybe we can even introduce our names while we are at it, seeing we are going to be living with each other." I reply, and everyone nods in agreement. Everyone sits around our makeshift fire pit, and I sit in between Newt and Minho. 

"Ok, to start off, my name is Alby. Like you all know, we were woken up this morning by the noise the walls moving apart. Now I'm sure all of us are wondering how is that even possible, but I think we should focus more on what is beyond the walls." There is a lot of muttering, and one of the boys speak up.

"I'm George" he says, nodding at me. "But what if there is something dangerous out there. All we could see from here was a long corridor with a lot of ivy hanging on the sides."

"On the other hand, it could be our way out." another boy replies. "I am sure that like me, all of you don't want to stay here. Maybe we can find a way out of here if we go beyond the walls."

"Well if we want to do that, someone will have to be brave enough to actually go out there and face whatever unknown danger there might be." says Minho. "I mean out of all of us, who is actually willing to go out there and explore something we don't know anything about?" The boys go silent, and avoid looking at anybody in the eye. Of course, no one will volunteer. It is always easier said than done, I think. But when I look at the openings, I feel curiosity arise in me. I want to know what's out there. I want to help us escape. I also had a gut feeling that I was meant to be out there, as if it was my fate to help these boys. Taking a deep breath, I say two words that become the spark that starts the fire. 

"I am."

Author's Note

YAYYYY EVERYONE REMEMBERS THEIR NAMES!! AND NEWT IS SO SWEET TO ROSA!!!!! It would have been such a happy moment if the walls had not opened. How do you think the boys will react to Rosa's willingness to go beyond the walls? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

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