Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapter Six]

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<P>A/N: Heya fans ! I'm glad to inform you that I am BACK ! I just have one small problem, I just got back from a party, and I randomly decided to upload, so if something doesn't make sense, don't worry ! I will fix ir when I am NOT under the influence ! Ennnjoooyy lovers !! Xoxox !</P>


<P>--Stephen's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Me and Ariane really started to get into the mood. While she undressed for me, I finally got to see all of her tattoos. On her shoulder, she had a humming bird that went down to her mid back. On her lower back, she had a tribal design with roses in the middle. On her hip, was a butterfly and dragon fly resting on stargazer lilies and on her foot, she had a quote in some sort of other languge. My guess is latin. Now, I know a lot of men would be turned off by this many tattoos on such a young women, but in my eyes, its shows her individualism, and her want ... no more like need to be different from others. It also shows her creativity, and her guts to get soo many tattoos. As I was lost in thought, starting at this beautiful women I can call mine, she leaned down and started kissing my neck. I let a small moan out, and felt her smile against my neck. I couldn't hold back my need for anymore. I flipped her around so I was on top of her, and started to undress myself. The only time my lips parted from hers, was to take my shit off. When I had finally got to make love to her, it wasn't a horrible, drunk clumsy sex fest. It was a romantic, yet lust filled, love session. Ariane moaned and told me not to stop, I couldn't help but answer her with I'm never going to stop. But then we heard a loud knock on the door, and a rough voice asking if we were decent. Rory stormed in, he looked pissed, but not only at us. " I don't even have time to be f*cking pissed at my bestfriend and little sister, who have only started dating today, and is already having sex." What I heard next, made my heart practically stop beating, and realization hit me, that my Ariane was in danger.</P>

<P>--Ariane's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I kept having the thought running through my head, that I wasn't able to lose my virginity to someone I wanted as me and Stehpen got intimate. I would do anything to have my virginity back, and be able to lose it to the one I love. I moaned one last thing out, and got an answer from Stephen when we heard a knock on the door. Rory came in, obviously pissed about the scence playing before him, but it looked as if that wasn't the only thing he was mad about. When I heard that Carson was dead, but someone else was after me, I felt as if I couldn't breathe. Isn't it enought that my innocene got taken away from me, and that my trust in people had faded, now I had someone after me, that wanted to kill me for all I know ?! Or maybe I was just going to get raped again. Stephen was trying to comfort me, but what Rory had just told me kept running through my head. The only thing that broke me from my inner thoughts was the sound of Rory's voice. At that moment, he decided to tell me about the note that was found inside of Carson's body. Great, not only was I in trouble, but so was Stephen. " Ariane, do you know of anyone that would want to do this to you ?" Stephen questioned with eagerness in his voice. I thought back to all the guys that have been to my house, but none of them have ever shown interest in me. They were all my brothers friends, and a lot of them had turned out to be almost big brothers. I shook my head slowly, remembering that only Carson had shown interest. The thought of not knowing what was to come of me and Stephen made me start to break down. "We aren't going to let anything happen to you baby, me and Rory are here, as well as the whole school football team, and the cops swat. We'll all be fine." Stephen said, trying to sooth me. But that just made things worse because now, people that I go to school with, as well as men who have families and children to go home to, are jeopordizing their life for me. All just for a simple, rebel, tattooed/ pierced freak. It's not right. All I remember was crying, all night long, with Stephen on one side, and Rory on the other.</P>

<P>--Rory's P.O.V--</P>

<P>Ariane was a mess, I don't even know what kind of thoughts were going through her head. I swear, when they find out who this guy is, that's threatening my baby sister and my bestfriend, he is a dead man. No one messes with my family. My father may not be here to protect Tylee and Ariane, but I am, and I am not going to let them down. They are my full responsibility. After all, some one has too when you have two dead beat parents that only care about the money they make. They have children and force to make them live life in a town they choose, making them lose all the friends they had recently before, and forcing them to start over new. I think thats half the reason my sister is the way she is. With the tattoos and piercings and all, personally, I think she would be even more gorgeous if she was not full of tattoos and piercings, but if its what makes her happy then shoot. I just know one thing, I will NEVER be like my parents, that in my opinion are just strangers.</P>

<P>--Unknown's P.O.V--</P>

<P>I watched in the room as Rory and that guy laid with poor fragile little Ariane in there arms. I know Rory from a long time ago, but no one knows about him. No one knows about how he met, and what he used to do when he first came to Australia. But don't worry, it will soon be out. It's all apart of my plan, torture Ariane by getting rid of her new "lover" and her brother, and then take her to bed, have her and have my way with her, and then kill her. You know, I don't want to kill such a pretty face and sexy body, but when you ignore me, and go with a player instead and have sex with him the first night you started dating, then you totally asked for it. I watched as that player took her in bed, and hearing her moan his name, made me disgusted. This Stephen wasn't going to live longer then a month. If Ariane had her virginity, then I would of been even more pissed, but Carson took it instead, and thats why he had to go. Everyone that has ever hurt my Ariane, or me, is going to die. Including her.</P>

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