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Mage's POV

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* I fluttered my eyes open. *Knock* *Knock* I looked to my clock and saw that it's only 8.

"Come in." I said while pulling the covers up to my chin.

The door opened to reveal Jack.

"Good morning Mage, it's time to eat breakfast." He said.

I just groaned and pulled the covers up to cover my whole face.

"Come on or your mom will kill us both." Jack said while tickling me.

"Okay, okay, stop. Haha, I'll just do my morning routine in 5." I said while still chuckling.

"Do it fast okay?" Jack asked.. More like ordered.

"Okay master Jack." I said while chuckling and he chuckled back.

After Jack walked out, I headed to the bathroom and did my daily morning routine.

I am already finished. I walked downstairs to the dining room to find Mom, dad and Jack eating. This time, I sat across Jack.

"Good morning guys." I said.

"Good morning. Your dad and I have something to say." Mom said.

"What's that?" I asked while starting to eat my breakfast.

"We will have a dinner with Mr. Hale's family tonight." Dad said.

"They'll be here 6 o'clock sharp." Mom added while smiling.

"Okay.." I said while nodding.

"You two behave okay?" Mom said.

Jack looked at me and just shrugged while chuckling.

"We'll try." I said while smiling.


Mage's POV

It is already 5:30 and I still need to shower and prepare for the so called dinner with Mr. Hale's family. I need to look at least elegant. Good thing Katy called me earlier to tell me that there are no more projects, I mean it's a bad thing good thing. I headed to the bathroom and showered. After showering, I chose what to wear. After a couple of minutes, I finally decided to wear a black dress that fits me well and looks elegant enough. After that, I did my make up.. a little powder, a little lipstick and mascara. Dad said that he'll be the one to take care of Jack's clothes so I don't have to worry about it. It's already quarter to six, I put my stilettos on and walked downstairs.

I headed downstairs to the living room and find Mom, dad and Jack already waiting. Jack turned around. He looks very handsome in his tux, it fits him well.

*Ding Dong* *Ding Dong* The doorbell interrupted me from my thoughts. We walked towards the door and opened it.

"Good evening." Mom greeted them kindly followed by us.

"Good evening. Hi I am Mrs. Nicole Hale. This is our son Colton and of course, my husband, River Hale." So called Nicole introduced.

"Oh hello, you have a handsome son. Btw, this is our daughter.. Mage. And this is her friend, Jack. Of course, my husband Harry." Mom said while smiling.

"C' mon let's head inside.." Dad said while letting them in.

We had a simple dinner and then we headed to the living room.

Jack and I sat on the end of the couch while they are talking with some business that we don't know.

"Knock knock." Jack said.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"Little old lady." He said.

"Little old lady who?" I asked.

"Little old lady-who." He joked while chuckling. I face-palmed myself while shaking my head.

"I joked you know.." He said.

"I didn't notice that you joked. I'm sorry." I said teasingly, he pouted and we laughed a little loud.

"Mage." Mom said and I turned around. Forming back my poker face earlier. S w e e t.

"Accompany Colton. Entertain him." Mom said and I nodded.

"Come on." I sad while motioning Colton to come over. He smiled and sat beside me.

"Hi, I am Colton." He said while offering a hand shake.

"Hello Colton." I said while accepting his hand shake.

"You look beautiful." Colton complemented while smiling.

"Wow, thanks. I hope it's true." I said jokingly.

"It is true." He said sincerely.

"Meh." I said while sticking my tongue out jokingly.

We laughed all night, I think he's the one that accompanied me. I didn't need to accompany him. Now, it's time for them to go home.

"So, thanks for accompanying me tonight." Colton said.

"You're the one who accompanied me." I said while chuckling.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled, and I smiled back.

"Goodbye." Jack interrupted.

"Oh, goodbye. Thanks man." Colton said gratefully.

"Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Hale." I said while waving to them.

"Goodbye hun." Ms. Nicole said.

"We'll go ahead now, thanks again for the wonderful dinner." Mr. River said while smiling.

We said our last goodbyes and then they already went home.


Jack's POV

"Goodnight Uncle and Auntie. I'll also go ahead, already sleepy." I said while fake yawning.

"Okay son, goodnight." Uncle Harry said while patting my head.

I walked upstairs, I didn't bother to say goodnight to Mage. I just headed straight to my room.

Mage and Colton are so sweet earlier and I felt something different. Especially when Mage is laughing with him.

I jumped on my bed and hugged the pillows. I felt home sick. I suddenly miss the beach, the water, the trees. I already miss the so called 'paradise.' After a couple of minutes, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.