Shall we...Converse?

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My throat ached too much for me to even think about going back to sleep, nor did I want to, now that Darkiplier was back. Even with Anti on my side, I knew he wouldn't be around to save me every time. I had to stand up for myself, I had to fight this alone. I bought a nice pistol from a gun shop just down the road, the man gave me a small ammo pouch before showing me how to use it. It was time.

That day, I kept the pistol near me at all times, for I feared the worst if I left it out of reach. I never knew when he was going to strike, and that's what scared me the most, but at the same I wanted to see him again, quite desperately. These emotions he was sending me through, were so confusing, but so interesting at the same time.

The worst part was that I lived alone, B/N (your best friend) lived a while away and my parents, another continent. I plummeted onto the couch and began to realise how boring and lonely my life has become. Sticking to my average job, getting paid, paying bills, buying food, eating, survivng and then starting all over again. I was just another average...

*** Time Skip ***

I was chopping some carrots for dinner when I suddenly heard a casual knock come across my front door. Strange...but somehow predictable. I grabbed my pistol and hid it in the side of my jeans, just in case it was some innocent person. 

Slowly I walked towards the door creeping my hand towards the handle. Another knock came, but it made me flinch since I was not expecting it, I smirked it off and opened the door. No one. Damn...I was hoping it would be B/N for some reason. But then, who was knocking? Another foolish prank? I heard some shoes running in the distance. Hm. Most likely.

I shut the door peacefully, knowing how the pranksters would've felt. I used to be like that, thinking it would be funny to do stuff the same, so I can understand. I went back to the kitchen and continued chopping my carrots. I sighed. I should really get a dog...maybe a cat, or just any pet to keep me company...

"Feeling lonely, are we?" Rumbled a low voice.

My heart turned to ice and I grabbed my gun from my side, quivering where I stood. Eventually, I calmed myself down and continued to chop the carrots.

"I'd rather be lonely than have you here." I mumbled.

"Oh, come now. I know that's not how you feel, and you know it." Replied the voice as I noticed a dark figure moving towards me from the corner of my eye.

Almost automatically I reached for my gun and pointed it at the figure, my arms shaking as I raised it to his chest.

"You've never killed someone before have you?" Smirked Dark.

"No...but I'm not afraid to end you if I have to, so stay where you are!" I snarled, clicking the gun's safety down.

"You sure? For you quiver where you stand." Mumbled Dark.

He stood a step closer, and I stepped back.

"Stop it, if you want to kill me, just be done with it! Stop teasing me with this fear." I shouted.

"So you know what I'm capable of?"

"Of course I do!"

Dark simply stood there for a moment, then he raised his hands slowly in the air, as if to say he'd surrendered.

"Fine. I submit." Replied Dark.

"Seems wierd that you'd say that." I growled.

"Doesn't it?" Smirked Dark.

"What do you want from me? Why are you still here? I don't want you in my life anymore, just go!" I yelled, feeling tears fall from my eyes.

"Then why do you cry?" Asked Dark, looking at me with confusion.

I wiped my tears quickly onto my shoulder, my arms glued infront of me, with the gun shaking in my cold grasp. Honestly, even I didn't know why I was crying, perhaps I was simply scared. But, it could be another reason...

"What might the other reason be?" Said Dark.

"Could you stop reading my thoughts?!" I snarled.

There was a long pause as Dark awaited an answer.

"I..I don't know okay? I'm scared...I'm tired, I'm lonely, I'm stupid..." I whimpered, blinking back my tears.

"Everything you just said is definitely true, expect one." Mumbled Dark.

I gazed at him.

"You're definitely not stupid."

My heart warmed to the sound of a compliment. Something that I hadn't heard in a long time, something that I'd missed.

" tried to kill me!" I whimpered, trying not to fall for his words.

"I anger problem. I can't deal with my sudden outbursts of rage, whenever they may happen. I'm sorry, for hurting you, only hurts me in return." Said Dark putting a hand over his chest.

I looked at him for a long time, not leaving my post and not lowering my gun.

"Please Y/N, put your gun down. It doesn't have to be like this. We can talk about."

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes once again. I stared at him, before I decided to lower my gun to my side. A sudden flame boiled inside me, and my free hand clenched into solid fist. 

I dropped my gun and suddenly charged at Dark, leaping onto him and voilently slapping and throwing punches. He fell to the ground with me on top of him, still throwing punches and scratching. He soon managed to grab both of my wrists and stop my attacks.

"Stop!" He growled.

"Why?" I snarled, our faces only inches apart.

"I'm not going to hurt you Y/N. I promise, and when I make a promise, I swear to you, that if I break it, you can carve my heart out and destroy it. But either way, I'll never stop coming back to you." Growled Dark, a sense of sadness luring in his eyes.

I stared at his eyes for a long time and he stared at mine, before I leaned down and plunged my lips onto his own. He leaned into the passionate kiss, letting go of my hands and trailing his own down my sides. I rested my hands on his face, soon turning the kiss into a rough makeout. Dark suddenly hoisted himself up and pinned me against the wall, grinding against me as he planted kisses all over my neck. I shut my eyes as he found my sweet spot.

"You can't resist me." He mumbled into my neck.

"But you love it." I smirked back.

"Does this mean I'm forgiven?" He smiled.

I suddenly noticed the gun on the ground and leaped for it. Standing back up and holding it towards him.

"No. Now get out!" I growled.

Dark chuckled to himself before gazing at me, his eyes were so happy for some reason.

"You're just like me. It's...almost shocking." I said.

"How am I anything like you?" I growled.

"Think about it Y/N, you have sudden aggressive outbursts like me, you're stubborn, you're a fast learner, your determined and know how to get what you want. You're everything like me." Smiled Dark.

"Well maybe I learned some traits from the man who tortured me!" I shouted. "Now go!"

"If that is what you wish." Replied Dark before swirling into black mist and slithering away.

I sighed in relief and finally lowered my gun, but even so, I still knew this wasn't over.

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