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Izzabella POV

*Few weeks later*

I had been staying with Mr.Chocolate for a few weeks and I haven't seen or spoken to my father or brothers. Mr.chocolate refuses to let me go to school, he says its 'too dangerous'. I dont know how school can dangerous but okay.

I grew bored being locked up in this damn house so I walked onto the patio and headed straight into the woods.

Minutes passed by until I came across a pond. The pond was fairly clean so it sparkled brightly as the sun hit the surface. I sat on a patch of wet, bright green grass and took in all the noises that echoed throughout the woods.

Birds chirped here and there. The squirrels scattering away and into their safe haven. The pond creating small waves and crashing upon its shore. Overall, it felt good to be out and get some fresh air and being able to feel free once again instead of feeling like it was hard to breathe and feeling claustrophobic.

A growl rippled from behind me. I stiffened and held my breath. It rounded itself till it was in front of me. It was huge, at least, seven feet tall with thick black fur coat wolf. It growled once more but in a way that was filled with anger and worry.

It nudged its head into my shoulder, instantly sparks eurpted in that spot, not so subtly. It growled once more in warning as if saying dont move. I heard bones breaking and cracking.
My dainty hands instantly flew up to my ears to block the disturbing sound.

I was picked up by my underarms and place on Xavier's hip aka Mr.Chocolate.

"What are you doing out here?!" He growled in my ear.  I shrugged and threw my arms around him neck and stuffed my face into the crook of his neck.

Xavier's POV

I inwardly sighed, slightly growing impatient. I swatted her perkly little äss. She yelped and looked at me in shock. She shifted on my hip and rubbed her bum. I swatted at her hands replacing them with my own. I rubbed her bum softly, "Why are you outside?" I grasped her äss tightly.

"I-i needed fresh a-air?" She questioned unsure about her answer.

It seemed like she didn't want to upset me. I sighed and carried ber back to the house.

"You are to not leave this house, understood?" I pinned her against the wall, gripping her arms above her head. She nodded breathing heavily.

"Good." And with that I slammed my lips on hers.


Ik ik I havent uploaded in a million years but quite frankly I haven't had any motivation to write lmao. So as u can tell it went 0-100 real quick hehe. So Xavier is gonna be a pretty touchy and possessive character. (between us I love myself a possessive man lmao) (<im kidding or maybe not 😉😂💀)

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