chapter 16

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Rosie pov:-

"Stop", I moaned but it didn't stop him from roaming his hand on my body. After making love all morning and lunch, now we are currently in the bathing chambers, trying to take bath but this naughty wolf is not allowing. He is like a beast unleashed.

"Naughty wolf huh?", He whispered in my ear, I mentally face palmed. Now we both could hear each other thoughts its a great feeling but sometimes it's irritating.

"Say me how to put the barrier on my mind", I demanded turning to face him.

"Why would I teach you that?", he smirked evilly at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Because you can put the barrier and I can't, its unfair", I whined poking his chest with my index finger.

"Ok, I'll say how but you should answer my question first", I nodded at him.

"Why do you always call me as your husband not by my name", I looked at him confused.

"Its a rule in the human kingdom to not to call one's husband with their name, don't you know that", I wrapped my hands around his neck again.

"No I don't know, why is that rule"

"Because its disrespectful"

"Who said"

"The king"

"Who is your king now"


"Did you hear that rule said by me"


"Then call me by my name"


"No?", He squeezed my hips and I let a small surprised squeal.

"Yes, I will not call you by your name", I huffed crossing my hands below my chest, which made my bosoms seen from the water. I did it purposely to distract him from this conversation.

"Yes, you will, say my name now", he ordered but his voice sounded a bit strained. He eyed my bosoms for a second before bringing his eyes back to mine.

"No I will not"

"Yes you will"






"Okay", he took a step towards me with a mischievous glint in his eyes, I took a step back cautiously, he is not the one who gives up easily. He took another forward and I backward.

"Look there", I turned to see what he was pointing at only to be lifted on his shoulder, I squealed when his other hand slapped on my backside. He quickly ran inside the chambers and threw me on bed before sitting on top of me. I blushed deeply at our position.

"What are you...... No,no stop", I squealed loudly, he started to tickel me, I squirmed under him, trying to stop him. My laughter mixed with his.

"You want me to stop", he stopped, his eyes roamed my wet bare body.

"Yes..s", I said breathlessly, he traced his index finger in the area between my bosoms to my waist.

"Say my name", he husky whispered leaning and kissed the area between my bosoms and nuzzled his head in my chest making me giggle.

"No", even though his seduction worked but I was not going to give in soon. Soon he started to tickle me again.

"Ok, ok I'll sa...y pl.. please stop", I said in between my laugh. He stopped and stared at me his eyes glistening in mischievous.

"Edward", I whispered softly.

"Again", I giggled at his excited voice.

"Edward, Edward , Edward", as soon as I finished his lips crashed to mine, his hand roamed my body. Before he could go further I pulled away.

"We just took a bath", I said breathlessly.

"We can take another"


"Oh my goodness", my eyes snapped open when I heard a female squeal. I turned to see it was miya and siya who were smirking evilly at me, I tried to sit up but couldn't because of the soreness. I blushed deeply thinking about yesterday.

"Look at the blushing luna, are you thinking about your night luna", siya wiggled her eyebrows at me, they both giggled when I blushed more deeper.

"Stop it, both of you", I threw the pillow beside me only to fall near their feet.

"Oh look at luna who is tired from all the naughtiness she did yesterday", I narrowed my eyes at them but they both gave no heed to my glare and started laughing again.

"Stop laughing and come help me", I whined trying to sit again. They both laughed more.

"Siya, bring the oil from the doctor for soreness", miya said still giggling.

"Don't say it is for me", I yelled at siya who was already out of the door.

"Everyone knows luna, you were painfully loud", miya said wiggling her eyebrows at me, I playfully glared at her. I groaned and buried my head in the pillow feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Was I too loud", she laughed at my pouting face.

"No luna I was just teasing you", I left a sigh of relief. I sudden thought came in to mind.

"Do you know how to close the barrier?", I asked hoping she knows.

"Yes luna, but I can't teach you",she said a smirk gracing her face.

"Why not?", I demanded like a five year old.

" Because the alpha will serve my head in platter", she had a point.

"I will protect you, I promise"

"No, luna"

"Please, please please", I begged her

"I'm sorry Luna", she said trying to control her laugh.

"How could you make your queen beg?", I said dramatically throwing my hands upwards. That did the work, she just sighed and came towards me.

"You just have to think about your bond and then like a barrier closing it", I closed my eyes and did what she said, I felt it, like a barrier closing in my mind. I opened my eyes back and smiled brightly.

"Goddess please help me from the wrath of the alpha", miya prayed dramatically holding her both hands  upwards.

"Stop your drama and help me up", she just shook her head and wiped her fake tears. She helped me sit up, just then siya came skipping inside with a blue bottle in her hand.

Both of them helped me stand up and then led the way inside with me limping behind. Siya poured the oil inside the hot pool, I went inside the pool and automatically my body relaxed in the hot water. I closed my eyes and relaxed thinking only about my husband, my Edward.


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