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I wasn’t there for the the end, or for the new beginning, though from what many had told me, the day was brutal. It was suppose to be the last day, one full of final moments and last goodbyes, but it wasn’t, it was the start of something terrible, that changed everything the world knew. Thousands of people scattered throughout towns and cities trying to prepare for any disasters that they could think of. Though no one could have ever prepared for what happened in the final hours.

When devastation hit, it was what no one could have imagined, fires didn’t break out across the globe, nor did earthquakes shatter the ground.

At first many had thought that it was another plague, as thousands had fell sick by nightfall, numerous men and women grew unable to eat as their bodies gave out, blood seemed to pour out of woundless skin, and within hours many had fallen into coma or died before the sun had risen again. By morning the survivors knew the truth, it wasn’t a plague, it was far from it, it was the beginning of a new species. Several mutations that had been passed through thousands of men and womens DNA had arose, poisoning the blood of humans with the mutation of the Dark, the Light, and the Shadow.

As years passed the humans saw fit to name us, those cursed with the mutation of the Dark became known as Nightwalkers, creatures with bodies had become more advanced as the mutation took over making them faster, stronger, and healthier then then their human body. Their sight and hearing grew stronger as well, all steadily increasing over the years. Nightwalkers were different then any of the other mutations, as they had a premature form called a Fledgling. When a Fledgling reached their eighteenth birthday they were turned into a full fledged Nightwalker creatures that bodies fed of the moonlight and blood, with long slender fangs. They appeared almost as human, except their golden eyes that changed from pure black to blood red.

Another mutation was The Shadow, those who had died the night of the ‘plague’ were its victims. Hundreds of mangled men and women rose from their graves, the cold and lifeless pawns looked ancient, as their skin slowly began to decay away. They were almost too gruesome to look at with their hallowing pale cheeks, accompanied by worn, empty eyes. They were the most vicious of all the mutations, earning their names as Shadow Demons, as they enjoyed draining the life of the innocent, taking their souls as they ripped into their flesh to keep themselves youthful.

The mutation of the Light, or the Luce, was the strongest of the three, though the least was known about them. They were the only living of the three, with slower heart beats, but have no need to breath. They were similar to Nightwalkers in almost every way except stronger in every way, that is until the kind disappeared. Know one knew anything else about them until years later.

Thousands of victims were exiled from cities all over the world, starting in the world’s new capital Arteriel. Humans began to rebel fighting against the new kinds, forcing Nightwalkers into hiding, driving Shadow Demons into a stream of blood shed and the Luce into extinction four years after they were discovered.

It was the start of the new world, and a beginning of a mass war.

I wasn’t born till over a hundred years after the mutation, the once light world had darkend over the centery, the clear skies were covered in dark misty clouds that blocked out most of the sunlight. The nights had changed too, with each passing day the moon had drifted closer to the earth and the soft glow of the moon now lit the night well. I’ve never seen the world how it was before the new beginning, I had only seen pictures from old books and could only try to imagine the bright world in my mind. The cities had grown dark too much like the rest of the world. Guards scattered the streets trying to keep out the mutants and trying to keep order. This only deming the city with terror over citizens as they watch thousands get murdered before their very eyes.

As a child my parents kept me locked away in our home, it took years for me to understand why. I'm not normal.

Everything about me, everything I know, Its not normal. It isn’t even a word I can use, much less call myself. My life is a twisted web of abnormalities that no one can begin to unravel, so much that I can’t even begin to explain how different I am. I’m not even human, though my family is, and I’m truly alive, with my abnormal heart beat and pale white skin. Every bone in my body is as light as air, but as strong as stone and difficult to break.

When I was younger one of my sisters had dared me to jump from the balcony of our two story house to the trampoline, but being barely six at the time none of us could judge the distance all that well and as I soared off of the balcony ledge my body ended up crashing onto the hard concrete of the patio below. The doctors were stunned I had survived, my body was free of cuts and bruises and all I was left with was a broken wrist from a fall that could have killed someone.

I didn’t understand even then, just how abnormal I was. I felt normal and i most certainly looked it, with slilky blonde hair, hypnotic blue eyes, and petite flawless body. Though being brought up in a family that towered over you with black hair and dark eyes, I obviously stood out.

 When I was ten, a group men showed up at my house, several tall, sleek, gorgeous men that looked unreal and undeniably good, even I could notice despite the fact that I was still in the phase where I found boys, men, or anything with a Y chromosome repulsing. No one could deny how attractive they were. To this day I can still picture how each one of them looked at that point.

The youngest couldn’t be older than fifteen or sixteen with neat dark brown hair, and was unnaturally tall for his age and his stature was tall and narrow, making him look so much older then he probably was. I don’t think he smiled once while he was there. The other men were similar to him with great height and stature and abnormally good looks, and deep golden eyes, almost like honey, yet even more alluring than any color i had ever seen before.

My mother and father had sent me and my sisters to our room immediately, scared looks crossing their faces. It had only taken minutes before my mother and father had rushed up the stairs and began to rush about my room packing my stuff away and with a quiet goodbye I was ushered me off to the Academy.

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