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In Honour of Loki and Avengers: Infinity War.

Loki Laufeyson love story.

Started: April 28th, 2018.


The woman sat in the interrogation room, her platinum blond hair mixing in nicely with the white chairs, white walls, white table, white everything.

She sighed, she was just about bored enough to attempt an escape attempt just to get out of this stupid cell or for something to happen.

Luckily the young looking girl doesn't have to contemplate the thought much longer when a man with an eye patch stalks in.

The woman stared at him with faux innocence.

The pirate dramatically threw a whole bunch of photos at the white table.

Photos fell onto the floor but the woman stared silently.

On every single photo, no matter how old they were all throughout history, some were pictures of paintings, of drawings into stone, of letters with her mentioned, of carvings and statues.

But all had mentions of the platinum blonde haired woman.

She was depicted as a witch, a warrior, a mother, a monster, a hero and a villain. All contradicting one another.

She looked at them fondly, sometimes even tracing a few of them. She looked up at the dark-skinned man as he asked her, no demanded her to answer,  "Who are you."

She smiled absentmindedly, her first form of emotion that wasn't just shown in her eyes. "Can I- Can I keep these?"

He once again icily said, "who are you?"

She picked up a picture and inspected it, "something- something else."

"That is obvious. I want to know how you are in all these pictures in some way." He growled slamming his hands down on the table.

She smiled up at him, "would you believe me if I said those are my female ancestors?"


"At least I tried," she said uncommittedly, "Mr. Fury what I am, is not for you to know."

Nick Fury stared down at her with no emotion, "You will tell me- Tell SHIELD what you are. You will tell me how you know my name. And you will-" He paused listening to whoever was talking in his earpiece, the woman could hear something about the tesseract coming alive, but she pretended to be oblivious.

"I peg your pardon?" She questioned sweetly, though this time there was a hidden malice behind her words.

Fury glared at her, "we will continue this later." He stormed out of the room elegantly.

The woman leaned back in her chair, her fingertips gingerly brushing over the photos that were left in the interrogation room. She whispered softly, "The trickster god is coming to earth, the days of your ability to stay ignorant and naive to the worlds outside yours is growing old and will soon come to an end, dear mortals and immortals alike. Prepare for the wraths and trials of hell itself."

She closed her eyes and chuckled sadly.

She broadcasted her thoughts, 'I do hope you dislike your welcome to earth Loki Laufeyson.'

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