Rules And Regulations

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So before we start I just wanna clear things off by making rules based by requesting and many more.

So basically this is a Various Magi Oneshot, which will probably contain many Oneshots of Various Magi characters.

So to start of.

Rule No. 1:

No Character X Character or Character X OC

This is an X Reader Oneshot and this will end up to be an X Reader Oneshot

Rule No. 2:

No Lemon requests

I'm too young to write Lemons or Smuts or Limes

Rule No. 4:

Be patient when it comes to updating

My update schedules for this book is Sunday or Monday, if not. Saturday.

Rule No. 5:

No rude comments

I'm still new to this

Rule No. 6:

Kindly write your requests on the next chapter of this or leave some requests at my conversation board

I do not accept requests that are commented on each Oneshots

Rule No. 7:

No questioning on when am I updating

The fact that I will update on the days that I mentioned on rule number four

Rule No. 8:

Feel free to request any characters you like

Even a female but no Female character x Female reader it should be female character x Male! Reader

Rule No. 9:

No Yuri or Yaoi request

I don't like same genders to be together, I apologize

Rule No. 10:

First see First write

The first request I will see will be the first one I will write, I'm sorry but this is a kind of tactic I'm doing so I can avoid stress and have a high chance to complete this book no matter what

Rule No. 11:

Do not judge about my writing skills

Everyone is imperfect , only God is perfect

Rule No. 12:

Do not complain about my grammar

If there are grammar mistakes, please do not complain or judge me because of that.

Rule No. 13:

If you don't like it, don't READ it

I do not like people who only read others books to dislike the story or the author

That is all the rules I want you all the kindly obey.

If not

Please bare with me as I write!


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