Dear... Karen

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Dear Kare Bear,

you are seriously like one of my best friends♥ I don't know what I'd do without you. like seriously. I'd be lost o.o I remember almost everything :') I promise that we'll video chat again soon (: but it'll have to wait til I get my iphone o.o

you're not scary :'D and I'm not pretty ._. but chu are :D like you're so pretty o.o don't let anyone tell you otherwise! c:

:3 <--- mustache -.-

I thought you said you were gonna be in Indiana soon! D: where are chu?! Dx lmao :') if I ever come to Jersey I'll make sure to visit c: and you can teach me how to surf xD yeah? yeah :3

thanks for being there for me ♥ seriously. I'm here if you ever need someone.

I love you<3

~ Cherry

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