Moving in

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Hey my amazing readers!!!! I wasn't going to upload until later, but i got direct orders from my co writer to not make you wait! So here I am about twelve hours later, posting the fifth chapter of Destiny's Calling. I hope you like. I wrote this one and it takes place the morning after that whole airport thing, hope you enjoy. This chappie is dedicated to shelbylw03, for being the first person on the who's reading list!! Anyways enjoy your read.. oh and please read the AN at the end of the chapter please!! It's a little important.


“I’m hungwy!!” Zack whined walking into the living room rubbing his eyes. It was the morning after me and Toni had arrived, and that little event. I still don’t know exactly what happened but apparently Zack had a seizure and they weren’t about to tell me anything else. They all decided to stay with me for the night since they were blubbering messes and were in no condition to drive anywhere. Velius had told me and Toni –since we ended up have to drive- to just leave Kadie there, and that he’d be violent and would show up when he wanted to. That was entirely true, since I found him curled up on the couch this morning.

“Ok, Zacky just hold on a second. Toni’s cooking,” I said picking up the groggy child. He curled up on my lap and laid his head on my chest. I looked down at him then over at his older brother, who was still knocked out on the couch. Kadie looked peaceful and child like when he was sleeping-even with red blotchy, tear stained cheeks-, much like his little brother.

“Lza?” Zack mumbled into my shirt.

“Yes Zack?” I asked back, resisting the urge to go into the kitchen. The food smelled amazing but Toni doesn’t like people in the kitchen while he cooked. I was surprised that he was able to find what he needed to cook, the kitchen- like the rest of the house- was filled with boxes, since apparently Danny didn’t think to set up the house before going to Mexico. I couldn’t complain though, he did let me and Toni chose all of our furniture of the internet and bought it. So I guess we could set it up.

“Why does Kadie act like that when this happens? Every one said it isn’t his fault but he always gets upset saying it’s his fault and then he gets angry and starts yelling,” Zack looked up at me with sad eyes.

I gasped, how does he know so much? Doesn’t that medicine knock him out? Or does Zakadie continue that even when he wakes back up? I regain my composer, hoping he didn’t really notice my shock. “I think he’s just worried that’s all. Worry can make people do crazy things when it comes to the ones that they love.”

“If you say so,” he said doubtfully. This kid knows too much, I felt like I was just talking to a teenager. One look at his little face reminds me that he is only a child, so I do what I know best. I pulled him to hug. I held him there until I heard soft snores and even after that. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his head, he did a good job of hiding it but for that brief conversation I could tell this kid has some problems and it wasn’t just with his seizures.

 I don’t know how long we sat there but it must have been a while because next thing I know some one’s shaking my shoulder. “Lza, Toni said the food’s done.” I looked up to see Venus standing over me. When did I fall asleep?

“Ok,” I yawn, as she wakes Zack. I look over at the coach across from the one I was on, “Hey, where’s Kadie?”

Venus looked at me with wide eyes, “HE WAS HERE?!!” I jumped surprised but her outburst, but replied with a nod. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you were sleep,” I looked at her dumbly, why was she so worked up?

“You shoulda woke me up!” She said like I should’ve known this.