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Prologue  -Enter a Vampire

A legend was done,

For when the world was still young

A legend which will explain

How come we cause such pain…

I took a deep breath. I do not want to continue for my story to be continued like this. No. It will become too poetic, too unreal. Just like the stories that you would have read. Just how people who know nothing will describe them to you. YOU.

Why do you ask me so many questions?

Some questions are not meant to be answered.

But you persist don’t you?

You want me to explain? I suppose I could. We are after all curious. Any creature living in this bright world of us. But before I can explain you to our story….my story I must explain a legend. This legend will help you understand why we are like this. Why we are vampire…

Once a long time ago there was God and his angels. Everyone was happy and God reigned in heaven with his sons and daughters that he created to serve him like his divines- the angels. But one of the angels rebelled. He said to everyone that God did not deserve to have all the power in the world. That he wanted to rule by himself. Every one of the pretty angels gasped.

God was furious. He sent him down; down further in the place you would call hell. His followers were banished there along with him. Then God wanted to assemble an army. To defeat those traitors.

His angels agreed. However, there were a group of angels that did not want to take a side. They did not want to be in argument with anyone.

This made God even more furious. But he waited. And waited and waited.

When the war was one all but one traitor was captured. He remained in hell angry and refusing to come and answer to God.

Then God dealt with the traitors he caught. He condemned them to forever live on earth. Earth, to live mortal lives of suffering and pain. They would all have flaws that they would never be able to overcome and forever, eternally shall sin.

Then God thought what he would do with the angels that did not take a side. He could not punish them, for they never did much wrong, but leave them in heaven he could not. Something between angel and human. They were divine looking, sustaining the qualities of the angel. But that was for a price, for they would forever be hated in the eyes of men. They would portray them as the most savage of beasts.

And this is where my story begins

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