Hey there, Sexy! (Tori) (TamTori)

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World Pov

She walked down the sidewalks of the towne she once lived. Now, is returning to meet up with a few chicks.

Her walk looked somewhat sassy. With booty shorts that curved her sides just right.

Long, tan hair, spiked at the ends. It's a bit hot this summer, too. Show she's showing off a bit more skin than usual.

Two guys were walking the opposite ways towards her.

"Woah, hey sexy!"
"What's cookin', good lookin'?"

This chick couldn't bother less about men these days.

"Movie it, Soy Boys. I'm a lesbian." She said sternly with in thick Norwiegan accent.

The boys just shutter at the sound of her voice because she's too fucking gourgeous!

The day's still hot if you've forgotten. Sweat rolled down her forhead. Noticeing this, she pulled out her water bottle and dranked the whole thing at once. Crushing the plastic and tossing it in a nearby recycling bin. (Recycle kids!)

Once she saw the house from afar, she raced to the front door and knocked.

After a few moments, Ell answered the door.

A smile grew on the cola lover's face, as well as the narsastic ginger girl in the back. Tamara sat on the couch in the back of the room, focused on her bass.

She walked further inside with an exaggerated sassy walk.

"What's up, bitches!" Tori exclaimed with an evil smirk.

"Tori!" Ell and Matilda screamed, than ran over to hug her.

This caught Tamara's attention. A frown grew on her face, but she blushed as well, seeing that her hot ex girl friend has returned. Though, nothing can change what happened between them.

Tori walked over to Tamara.

"Heeey, what have you been up to, sweet heart?" Tori flirted, with her face getting close to hers. Resting her thumb on Tamara's chin.

"I'm doing just fine, thank you." Tamara responded sarcasticly. Pushing Tori away, becoming more pink.

Ell and Matilda snickered in the background. They like the way Tori and Tamara play around. They don't get to see those types of relationships often.


The girls are in!
Next few chapters should be roaming around these fine gals.

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