Like father, like son [Kid x Reader]

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What can I say? I'm crushing shamelessly on the redhead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(I'll write about other characters too after this one, I promise)



The first rays of sun bathed your sleeping form waking up your brain slowly. You frowned when the light hit your closed eyelids.

I forgot to let down the blinds.

Once you had accepted that you wouldn't be getting anymore sleep, you stirred lazily in bed and reluctantly opened your eyes, soon facing a very prominent scowl and the man that was attached to it.

Although you were used to his antics, and were prepared to listen to whatever he had to complain about, you noticed that this time you weren't the target of his angry non-existent eyebrows, but rather that they aimed at your belly.

You considered multiple options, that he had reached an unthinkable level of senseless anger to the point of being pissed off at his unborn child being the front runner in your mind.

His eyes soon abandoned the rounded form and traveled to meet yours, his displeased expression soon morphing into a sad one.

You tilted your head on your pillow, not really understanding what was going on, but considering the possible outcomes before asking. And you were indeed about to open your mouth to verbalize your thoughts when the red-haired pirate spoke.

"I don't know if I can do it."

You stared at him, studying his expression and almost trying to read his mind, because you honestly understood virtually nothing of what was going on in that moment.

"What are you talking about?" You inquired.

"This..." his open hand pointed at your swollen belly before dropping to the bed once again, "I don't know how to raise a kid, I don't know how to be a... father."

There, he had said it.

His amber orbs met yours looking for a reaction, although he was certainly not expecting the tenderness in your gaze.

"Kid... nobody knows." Your fingers searched his and intertwined in a secure lock. "We'll figure it out as we go."

"But what if I make him like... me." The pirate's frown only deepened.

Anger, pain, solitude... those had been the things he had had when he was a child. The captain of the Kid Pirates hadn't known what love was until he had met you in that sinful inn. If, even with you, the person that had been able to melt his iron heart, he had difficulty when it came to expressing his feelings, how was he supposed to take care and... love a child?

"Then he or she will find someone like me that loves them despite their flaws." A soft hand was pressed against his cheek, and he didn't hesitate to lean against it to enjoy its warmth.

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