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Ninja's P.O.V.

Sensei Wu sat on the ground, as an incense emitted a relaxing steam into the room. "My turn- uh its my turn!" Kai shouted loudly, catching Senesi Wu's attention out of his peaceful meditation.

"Oh, you want a little more? Take this!" Cole shouted.

"Yeah? How about a little of this!" Jay shouted back.

"Monkey Paw to the head!" Kai shouted.

"Ninja roll!!" Cole shouted.

Sensei opened the doors to the ninja's gaming room, and was startled to find it empty. "Dragon punch!!" Jay cheered.

Sensei opened the doors to the training area, and was even more startled to find that the ninja were training. Jay was using his Silver Nun-chucks to block arrows that were being fired at him. Cole was attacking a training dummy with his Golden Scythe, knocking it down as he ran on a treadmill-styled training platform. Kai was practicing his Spinjitzu while trying to spin while balancing his Golden Sword without throwing it off in some direction. Zane was sitting as if meditating on the ground. Suddenly, in a swift motion, Zane jumped up, right in front of Jay, startling him as an arrow hit the lightning chain of his nun-chucks. Jay complained as Zane passed him. Zane suddenly passed Cole, while grabbing his scythe and cutting one of the dummies in half. "Hey! What?" Cole said confused, as he tried to figure out what just happened.

"Ninja, go!" Zane shouted as he did Spinjitzu and created ice with his Silver Shurikens, freezing the training ground causing Kai to slip and fall, thankfully not hurting himself with his sword.

Everyone regained their balance on the ice, and walked beside one another. Jay crossed his arms, as everyone else furrowed their brows together, clearly upset. "This roof isn't big enough for the four of us." Kai complained.

"Correction this roof isn't big enough, for him." Cole muttered back to Kai.

"It's like he's in his own world. I BET HE CAN'T EVEN HEAR US." Jay practically shouted, as Zane stopped behind him, threw his shurikens forward, and kicked the air.

"Sensei, Zane's weird." Kai sighed.

"What is weird? Someone who is different, or someone who is different than you?" Sensei questioned.

"No, Sensei, he's 'weird' weird." Cole said, as he explained how Zane walked in to comb his hair, while Cole was using the restroom.

Jay followed it up with explaining how he'd laughed at the saddest part of a movie, that him and Nya were watching. And Kai topped it off while explaining how he'd found him in the fridge, when he woke up at night and wanted a midnight snack, and how he'd offered him cheese. Sensei turned to look at Zane, to see that he was bowing to one of the training dummies, and it hit him on the head. "We like the guy, he's really smart. He's just, uh, a little off sometimes." Kai added.

"Zane is a brother, and brothers are often different. I should know." Sensei Wu sighed.

Farther down the mountain, the poor mailman was panting, as he climbed up the steps to the Monastery. He groaned, and looked up, to see that his destination was still a ways away. He let out a sigh and continued climbing. After what felt like years, he finally reached the top, and rang the doorbell. A loud gong, caught him off guard and made him jump back.

The ninja looked away from their Sensei, and gaspd eagerly. "Mail!!" Everyone but Sensei and Zane shouted, as they ran towards the door.

Zane stopped his excessive training, and looked over at the door that the others opened eagerly. The mailman sighed, and reached into his bag. "Let's see, a letter from Jay's parents. Hmm... Kai has a fan letter. Oh, something from Cole's father." He said, as he handed the mail off to the respective people.

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