Best Books on Wattpad

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   Why hello there! What's up?!

   Well I just thought I'd share some of the best stories on Wattpad. I'll review them, maybe rate, them and give you my overall honest opinion on them :)

   They're in no order. Just thought I'd clear that up. And I can put the most popular books on her that I like or some which nly have like two reads. Either way, if you want a nice book that'll hook you right from the first word, then stay tuned. :)

   This will be uploaded frequently since I can never seem to stop reading on Wattpad. It's an unhealthy addiction and I think I've read more books on here than I've read my whole life before I found Wattpad.

   I usually stop reading the book if it's just full of unnecessay rambling and filler and not very good.  So yeah.

   Well then. Stay tuned for the Best Books on Wattpad!



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