CHAPTER 1: Trapped Within the Walls

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I wake up to see a bright, cloudless blue sky expanding towards the horizon. I am laying down on my back, and beneath me I could feel something soft and slightly damp. The fresh scent of grass and dirt reaches my nose, and I hear the slight wind rustling the leaves of trees nearby. 

Where am I? , I wonder as I stare at the sky. Suddenly, I realise that I don't remember anything. Not even my own name! How it that even possible? How can I not remember anything? I frantically think as I quickly stand up. To my surprise, I see several boys lying on the grass near me, and they seem to either be unconscious or sleeping. I can see almost twenty boys surrounding me, most looking like fourteen or fifteen years old. 

I was so focused on the boys lying on the ground around me, that I failed to notice the peculiarity of my surroundings. As I look up, I see that I am in the middle of a huge meadow, completely enclosed by enormous walls covered in ivy. The walls seem to be more than ten metres high, and they give me a sense of claustrophobia. Just then, I hear someone groaning, and see one of the boys moving. I walk over to him carefully, not sure whether he may be a threat or just as lost as myself. As I notice his windswept dirty blonde hair and his chocolate brown eyes, dark with either fear or surprise. Suddenly, he looks at me and with fear evident on his face, he tries to crawl away from me.

"Hey! Hey, calm down! I'm not going to hurt you!" I say in a soothing voice. He stops trying to get away but still looks at me suspiciously. 

"Who are you? Why can't I remember anything? What is this place?" he demands, obviously expecting me to answer his questions. I loudly sign and slowly sit down next to him, trying to make him trust me. 

"I don't know. I just woke up a few minutes ago to see that we are trapped in a freaking field with massive walls surrounding us. I don't remember anything as well," I tell him, and his eyes soften. 

I continue, "Judging by the fact that you are as lost as I am, I'm guessing the rest of these boys here are going to experience the same as us." He relaxes his body and looks around at the boys lying near him. Just then, the rest of the boys start stirring and soon enough, all the boys are demanding why can't they remember anything, including their names. I try to calm them and make them see a bright side of our situation, but honestly I doubted if there was even a bright side. Most of the boys broke down and while some cried silently to themselves, others wailed loudly. None of the boys seem to trust the other, and they  just kept to themselves, not interacting with anyone else. The chaos was beginning to overwhelm me, so I start to walk towards a cluster of trees at one corner of the field.


The cool shade of the trees clears my mind, and I begin to think rationally about our situation. Why would we be trapped in a field with no memories? Were we put here by someone? Why am I the only freaking girl? The last question bothered me the most. How am I supposed to survive with twenty other teenage boys who seem to be so immature and untrustworthy? Except that one boy... I quickly snap back to reality. There is no way I can trust anybody here, at least for the moment.

 In the middle of thinking about my chances of survival, I hear twigs snapping nearby. Immediately my body becomes tense, ready to bolt at the first sign of danger.

"Who is there?" I call out, trying to keep my voice steady in order to not let the other know I'm frightened. 

"It's just me. The guy who woke up after you," says a voice from behind the trees, and then the dirty-blonde hair boy comes into view. I slightly relax, but I am still not sure who I can trust here. 

"I'm not going hurt you." He repeats the same words I told him when he woke up. He slowly approaches me, and sits at the base of the same tree I am sitting on. 

"Quite a mess we are in aren't we?" he says in a light, conversational tone, still trying to make me feel at ease. I simply nod and stare at the distance, pretending to concentrate on the trees. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts and try to figure out why we are here. However, if I was being completely honest with myself, I enjoyed the company of the blonde boy, even when silent. He has a sort of a comfortable, warm aura around him that makes me feel like I can trust him. 

"You know, if you want I can leave you alone", he says with a tone of defeat, realising that my responses are going to be minimal. "I just thought you would be different and may be able to trust me, but I guess everyone just needs their time to absorb this." He starts to get up but I quickly catch the hem of his shirt and pull him down.

"Wait! Don't go!" I say, and he sits back down. "I want to trust everyone, but I am scared to." I confess. "I am trapped with twenty other boys and there are no other girls. I don't know how I will be treated and how my chances of survival will be affected because I am a girl" My voice shakes slightly, but I still keep up a brave face as look back at the sympathetic brown eyes of the boy. 

"I guess you must be feeling worse than the rest of us" he states. "But you can trust me. I promise I won't hurt you and I won't let anyone else hurt you as well. Physically and mentally" His words warm my heart, and I find myself truly smiling. 

"Well, I believe you. You do seem more sincere and mature than the rest of them", I say, indicating to the chaotic boys in the field. "Why do you trust me though? I only talked to you once and nothing else". 

He looks at me in the eye and says " I trust you because even though like the rest of us you are frightened and confused, you put on a calm, brave face to help people you don't even know. You are so caring and kind, and thus probably the most trustworthy out of all of us." I feel myself blush at his sweet words, and he laughs at my red cheeks.

"Lets go and see what we can find out about this place," he says getting out and giving me a hand like a gentleman, to help me get up.

Author's Note

Ahhhhh they are in the maze! And it seems like everything is quite chaotic at the moment. However, looks like the dirty-blonde boy and the only girl are already starting to trust each other and soon they might form a strong friendship! Hope you are liking the book so far! Continue reading, commenting and liking!

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