~Chapter Twelve~

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I drove into the Home Depot parking lot. My eyes scanned for Shayne's silver Lexus. I spotted his car and parked next to him. I kept looking straight ahead, as I parked my car. I didn't want him to see the silly grin I wore. My heart was racing a mile a minute, seeing his handsome face.

I peeked in the mirror in my visor, to make a quick appearance check. Shayne, startled me tapping on my window. I got out of the car, and he had a cart waiting for our paint cans. Did I just say, our?

He rotated his shoulders toward me, "I have a feeling that I'm starting a huge rumor in my family, by helping you paint today." He flashed his grey eyes at me, with a hint of mischief in them.

I couldn't help but blush at his statement, as we strolled into the store. We went directly to the paint department, and he helped me find the color that I was looking for, "Do you think this color would look good in my office?" He asked while looking at other samples.

"I think it would go perfect, and we both like it. It's a nice neutral tone." I stood close, leaning over his muscular shoulder and I inhaled his nice smelling cologne.

We loaded up our cart with paint cans, brushes, paint rollers, primer, masking tape, paint pans, and drop cloths.

"I think we have everything we need." He did an inventory, as we headed to the cash register.


We made it to my apartment, and he brought everything inside. I could pinch myself at this extraordinary day, with my boss helping me paint my apartment. The fact that my boss is Shayne Carrington, makes it that much more remarkable.

He taped all of the moldings, window trim, and primed the walls. Then, we started putting the color on the walls. He did most of the work, while I stared in amazement and appreciation of him. He is such a hard, skilled worker.

He took a wet paint brush, and splashed some paint on me, "Just trying to get your attention, Miss Harlow. How did I end up doing most of the painting?" He spoke in a teasing tone.

I blushed various shades of pink and red, "I'm sorry, but you paint so good. Were you ever a painter?"

He started putting the brushes in the sink to clean them, "I have painting experience. I used to do construction work at one time, for a builder. I did that part-time, while going to College."

I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know this man. There is so much I didn't know about him.

"You have really surprised me over these past few days. I had prejudged you and I will admit, that I was mistaken." I stood next to him at the sink, and helped him wash the paint brushes and rollers.

I apprehensively added, "When I first met you I couldn't help but notice your self assured countenance, and that your head could barely fit through the door. You seemed very arrogant." I made a nervous laugh, to fill the void of silence.

Shayne fell out laughing, "I can be that way at times, around people that I don't know. I was a scrawny kid, that always got picked on in school when I was little. I'm five years younger than my brother, and he wasn't there to defend me. I created a confident persona, and became involved in sports. I grew tall, and developed muscles. Everyone took notice then." He paused at that memory, smiling.

"Our father was distant, but I had a loving mom and Colin. He was older than me, and mature for his age. He was my big brother, I looked up to him. He was my hero, and like a father figure, as he got older." He tried to fight back the tears, that were welling up in his eyes.

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