The Return

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(*Clears throat* Just a quick speech before you continue. I decided to make a sequel simply because quite a few of you liked my first book of this Darkiplier fanfiction, which I'm incredibly happy about! I wasn't so sure whether many would like it but it soon turned out to be my most veiwed book on my account and only within a few days, which I'm so grateful for, so thank you very much, and I hope that this sequel does not disappoint. However, expect some delays because I haven't fully fleshed out the entire story and school is back on the horizon, unfortunately... Anyways, enough of me blabbering, hope you like the first chapter of Anxiety - Part 2!)

"I missed you...very much!"

You suddenly felt a cold grip latch around your neck and lift you from where you rested. You couldn't scream, and you could barely fight back, because his impossible constriction had you almost knocked out.

"I've wanted nothing more than to watch you suffer!" Snarled Dark's voice as he continued to strangle you.

This couldn't be happening. The only way he could've returned was if you still had feelings for him...You gulped, realising this must've been the case. But why?

"You can't kill me..." You whimpered, simply causing him to tighten his grip further, the pressure in your face was unrelenting, and at any moment, you felt like you were going to explode.

Suddenly a silver shimmer sliced passed Dark's neck, leaving him choking and gagging. He dropped you and grabbed his throat, pulling away to noticed his black blood stained on his hands.

Anti stood in the corner grinning like he usually did.

"Touch her again, and you lose fingers!" Snarled Anti.

"Haha, sounds like your getting a little...protective! Wouldn't you say, Anti?" Rasped Dark, trying to deal with his sliced throat.

"You can't talk much Dark! I know you still love Y/N, and there's no way you can stop it! So you thought that maybe if you ended her life, your love for her would fade away just like she would do, but no Dark! That's not how it works, instead, your heart turns to acid in your chest, and for the rest of your life, you'll have to deal with the eternal pain that scorches it!" Snarled Anti.

"And what would you know about love, Anti?!" Yelled Dark.

"I've been there before!"

The room grew silent. Mostly because you had nothing to say, but also because you were simply listening to what these guys were arguing about.

"...I let her into my heart. But it wasn't long before she chose Jack instead... She chose Jack over me, and I'll never forget the day she did that. The day she crushed my heart, to the point where I no longer had one, nor soul. I'm hollow, forever." Growled Anti.

"Oh, I see. So you think that if you can protect Y/N here, you'll know what it feels like to be loved again?" Smirked Dark. "Is that also the reason why you killed yourself? Because you couldn't stand the feeling of being pushed aside, unwanted and unloved? Like a doll left to rot in an old attic!" He Tormented.

"Don't you fucking go there Dark! Or I swear to you, you'll not live to see tomorrow!" Shouted Anti as he glitched towards Dark and raised his knife to the demon's chest.

"It's funny you'd say, because oddly enough, you and I are on the same page you know." Growled Dark.

"We're nothing alike, and if you don't stop talking, I'll carve that heart out of your chest while you sleep, so that you'll know what it feels like to own my pain!"

"I'd like to see you try! I never sleep, only rest." Smirked Dark, still covering his damaged throat.

"We'll see won't we?" Grinned Anti before glitching into thin air.

Dark glared back at you, before scoffing, neatening his suit and hissing through his teeth.

"This is not over, Y/N."

He quickly evaporated into black mist before seeping out from under your door and leaving you in your terrified state.

Oh, but you definitely knew this wasn't over, for this was only the beginning...

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