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'' Reborn, Hayato kun wait here I've  cooked both of you some delicious'' Misa said

'' Thank you Misa''

'' Thank you for hospitality Misa san'' Hayato bowed

'' I'll be in the kitchen'' Misa stand up

Leave Reborn and Hayato together

'' Hayato''

'' Yes Reborn'' 

'' Did you know that Vongola is not just Company?'' Reborn explain

'' No, Reborn but I willing to learn it for the sake of my friend''

Reborn satisfy Hayato determination

'' Well princess is not just only Vongola heir company but Vongola famiglia heir''

'' What is famiglia?'' Hayato didn't understand

'' Means princess is a Mafia Boss soon to be '' 

'' Mafia'' Hayato froze a bit

'' And guardian means bodyguard to protect a boss''

Hayato nod

'' Did you willing to be princess guardian?'' Reborn asked

'' Yes, Reborn I am willing to accept it''

'' And I am asking you again did you willing to be princess guardian?'' Reborn asked

'' Yes, Reborn I am willing to accept it'' 

'' Okay, and one more thing I will explain on you Omerta''

'' What is it Omerta?''

'' Omertas a code of honor that places importance on silence, non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of others.

'' Okay''

'' If Hayato break a promise, Vendice will sent you their jail''

'' ?''

'' Vendice means itare the masked guards who protect the laws of the Mafia world''

'' Okay''

'' Never break a Omerta or the consequence get you, okay''

'' Hai Reborn''

'' Hayato let meet princess in her room''

'' Hai Reborn''

Reborn and Hayato walked upstairs

Misa appear from kitchen 

'' Reborn,  I hope Tsuna chan understand'' Misa in tears

knock knock knock knock

''May I come in  princess?''

'' Please come in''

Hayato and Reborn saw tears were in her eye

'' Princess, I'll explain to you''

Tsuna turn her face

'' Alright''

''  Princess, just listen to what I has to said''

'' Alright''

'' Princess from Mafia background and heir to Vongola''

'' And your father born to Mafia as heir to Vongola after your grandfather''

'' But your father met your mother who not born from Mafia''

'' They in love but your father make a decision to quit from Mafia and live normally for your mother

'' And have you to live from Mafia matter''

'' Even though your grandfather support his son decision''

'' Me and your grandfather have a vacation in Japan to meet you who still four years old''

'' That why I know your identity princess''

'' But we surprise Mafia enemy know this information about your father''

'' We shocked your parent dies and we try to search your whereabout but no avail''

'' And in search which Mafia kill your parent''

'' But your grandfather have feeling you still alive  and we got information you  live  with old lady  who try to be your grandmother''

'' And order me to investigate until found you today''

'' I am glad she take care of you properly and your grandmother still love you very much''

'' No!!! I hate her she try to deceive me''

'' She still love you that why you become beautiful grown up woman and not abandon you, princess''

Tsuna moved is heart and cry

Reborn quickly hug princess to soothe her


See you next time > <

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