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Calm The Fire: 85

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“Did you think I did not know this day would come? That a pack of canting Dwarves would come crawling back to the Mountain.” Smaug's head snapped and his eyes looked accusingly down at Bilbo as had turned and looked to where the Arkenstone had actually tumbled to in its downward journey. Smaug's temper was getting the better of him, he crashed against pillars and clawed at them, as he shot his words down at the Hobbit in front of him. The sudden shifting underneath his feet and the angry irritated dragon in front of him was enough for Bilbo to turn and start skimming down the mound of gold he was standing on. The running came to a stop though when Bilbo hunkered down against what he thought was a step, or a ledge of some sort. Though him suddenly trying to stop and hide caused the gold which was still running down to skirt over him like a golden metallic waterfall. Behind him Smaug continued to crash around and smash down any pillars which were in his way. His eyes roamed about still trying to find either Bilbo, or the Dwarves.

“The King Under the Mountain is dead! I took his throne, I ate his people like a wolf among sheep.” Smaug boasted while his foot crashed down over Bilbo's hiding place. He managed to spring up out of the gold which had enveloped him, just so happened that he also appeared from between two clawed fingers. Not taking mind of this Bilbo took to running as fast as he could away from the dragon behind him. Managing to get to the staircase Bilbo ran down it, out of the corner of his eyes he could see the Arkenstone still moving around. The more Smaug moved, the more he dislodged things which aided to the jewels downwards descent.

“I kill where I wish, when I wish. My armour is iron. No blade can pierce me!” Bilbo managed to dive away just as Smaug moved speedily towards him. He was closer to the Arkenstone now, yet he still couldn't reach out and grasp onto it. Yet he did continue to roll down the golden hills after it. Bilbo had to pick up his pace and urge himself to move faster just as Smaug's tail whipped down and smashed against the ground where he was just standing.

Even still, he kept running and rolling, tumbling and falling. Hearing the whooshing of air, it didn't take much to figure out that Smaug had taken minor flight inside this grand hall. The sloping gold below him barely skimmed his underbelly as he soared after Bilbo.

Coming to a structure of some sort, Bilbo stayed on his back as he skidded underneath it. He fully disappeared below just as Smaug lurched and grasped onto it and looked around his threatened empire.


Back in Lake Town, Kíli remained still in pain on the bed with Fíli beside him trying his best to soothe his brother. Yet he was getting worse. Nothing he seemed to say could stop his brother from squirming and fidgeting in pain. Even Óin now stood at a loss. Until Bofur and Náriel returned there was nothing he could do.

There was silence all for a matter of a moment before the house gave a worrying shudder. The ceiling creaked and dust fell down from the rafters.

“Da?” Sigrid said sounding worried.

“It's coming from the Mountain.” Bain said while looking from the window and then over to his father.

“You should leave us,” Fíli turned from Óin and Kíli and took a step towards where Bard stood at the table. His dark eyes flicked to look over in his direction. “Take your children and get out of here.”

“And go where?” Bard questioned sounding defeated. “There is no where to go.” He said truthfully. Anyone could see that if the dragon had woken up, there would be no land safe from its wrath. Everywhere will burn, and people will die. It'd happened before, and it'd happen again.

“Are we doing to die, da?” Tilda's voice trembled as she took a step forwards.

Bard looked to his youngest child and smiled, “No, darling.” He said trying to calm her as well as the other two down.

“The dragon, it's going to kill us.” Tilda said while looking with wide eyes up at him.

Bard looked away from his children, to some objects which were hanging from hooks on the ceiling. He reached up and tugged something down, “Not if I kill it first.” He said while looking to the Black Arrow in his hand, even Fíli who still stood looking at him now had an expression of shock.

With the arrow in hand, and as prepared as he could ever be, Bard left the safety of his house. He tried to reassure his children, but he could tell they didn't wholly believe him. Not that he was surprised, they were smart children, and if he was in their position, he probably wouldn't believe himself either.

Peeking around the side of the building, he held the arrow close to himself. “All right,” he whispered while moving around and taking to walking down the boarding pathway.

“A Black Arrow. Why did you never tell me?” Bain asked while moving after his father.

Bard kept looking around for any trouble and frowned lightly. “Because you did not need to know.” Which was the truth. Bard never thought this moment would arise. Noticing some guards on patrol the two of them managed to duck from the shadows of one building to another. “Listen to me carefully, I need you to distract the guards. Once I’m at the top of the tower, I’ll slip the arrow to the bow.” Bard said while looking to the tower where the wind-lance was set. The moonlight blanketed it in pure silver which made it look more menacing than it usually did.

Hearing calling they looked up. “There he is! Guards, after him!” One guard exclaimed and pointed to them, the other guards which were around noticed where this guard was pointing and started to move over to their location.

“Quickly! Down there, go!” Bard exclaimed while pushing Bain to move.

“Stop him!” The calls continued behind him. This if anything caused them to pick up their pace. The few people who were still mingling about got promptly ducked and dodged past, but the guards were less skilled, most of them pushed past them.

Ducking into a small building, Bard pulled to a stop. “Bain, Bain!” He exclaimed in a whisper to his son who was going to keep running. Looking at the arrow in his hand, he pushed it into Bain's. “Keep it safe. Don't let anyone find it.”

“No!” Bain exclaimed but quickly looked over his shoulder as the exclaims of the guards drew nearer.

“I'll deal with them!”

“I'm not leaving!”

“Go!” Bard pushed his son away from himself, Bain regrettably turned and started to run off. Bard watched him leave before turning out of the building and going to find the guards. It didn't take much finding, they were literally there. “Braga,” Bard said while holding his hands up as he saw the guard which came walking up to him.

“You're under arrest,” Braga said lowly.

“On what charge?” Bard said while looking over his shoulder, more guards were advancing behind him.

“Any charge the Master chooses,” was Braga's simple answer. Only this answer received and got retorted with a punch across the jaw by Bard. The guards behind Braga went to attack Bard, only he did the attacking. Hitting one over the head with something close to hand and kicking another one in the chest, one poor guard got what seemed to be a simple shelving unit shoved against them which caused him to lose his balance and tumble over.

Taking this moment to his advantage, Bard turned and ran along the boarding. The guards naturally followed after him quickly. Jumping from the decking of the paths, Bard skilfully managed to jump from one boat to another which were situated on the icy water of the town. The guards didn't have such luck and skill, and one even fell into the water. Reaching the other side Bard ran off without looking back. He ran down a small alley only to end up tripping over something. He went careering into a few racks which had things hanging from them. Rolling onto his back, he managed to push some of the boards off of himself, only to see the smugly smirking Alfrid and from a nearby door the Master. Before Bard could do anything, something impacted against his head, and everything went black.


(A/N: Not if I kill it first..........ah, yes puh-lease bargeman! xD I mean, no not yet, we need to marvel over Smaug the ultimate drama queen for a bit more before you can shoot him down xD)

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