"Well, I'm a weirdo." She joked but it didn't work. The conversation has become deep and there was no way back, so she decides to go along with it. "I've been told I have a gift. To read people, you know? To sense the feelings of others. So I decided to become a psychologist."

Sebastian studies her face, his eyes ascending from her moving chin to her long eyelashes. "That's quite a gift. When are you graduating?"

"Probably next year if everything goes as planned. Then I'd like to open a small clinic and work with kids, high-school teens, probably."

"Oh, really?" Sebastian lands his elbows on the table.

"Well, going through my teenage years was not easy and I wished I had some support. Adults seem to forget that teen problems are serious issues too and they tend to ignore them. But then, working in a high-school doesn't really work out..." Emma sighs. 

"Working there makes sense, though, right?" His attention is slightly drawn to her moving fingers.

"That's the thing! It doesn't. Kids don't don't feel 100% comfortable in sharing their insecurities with someone in the same place as them, someone who they might run into in the corridors. They need a strong, private and safe environment to drop their fears."

"I think that that's a wonderful initiative," Sebastian unwraps a simper. "You'll be wonderful at helping others. I was impressed with your... capability of... reading me. I've had a rough day," he admits.

"Want to tell me about it? I don't charge for sessions on Fridays." Amusingly, she winks at Seb.

"Oh, you got me now. I love free stuff." He's laughing and it's one of the most gracious sounds she's ever heard. "Well," his tone gets seriously low. "My step-father is very ill, today he got worse and I just wanted to go home and... support my mom, him... but I'm here." He confesses and realizes that she might've taken what he said the wrong way. "Not that being here with you is making me feel down, it's just-"

"I understand." Emma simply says and encourages him to continue. I knew it, she tells herself.

"I love what I do," another sincere smile is revealed on his face. "I love my fans, I love meeting them and taking the pictures, signing stuff. When these press-tours come up everything makes sense and I feel totally accomplished. All the hard work finally pays off. Today... I... I just hope I didn't let any of them down."

"Oh, you didn't. I was in the waiting room for 6 hours and all I kept seeing was amazed fans passing by, they were happy." Emma reassures him and Sebastian changes the subject to the time she spent in that waiting room and, more specifically, to the things she heard about him.


"It's been so long!" Emma takes a look at the watch on her wrist. "Jesus, I need to get back to the airport or I'll miss my flight."

They were chatting for 3 hours and Sebastian is feeling so much lighter than before. It's a gift for sure, he wonders quietly.

"And I haven't even answered your questions. I mean, Leslie's." Sebastian takes the last sip of his second coffee. "Maybe I can text them to you?" Nervously biting his lower lip, he asks.

"Is that a way to get my number?" Emma teasingly jokes. "Because if so," she pauses for a dramatic effect that didn't succeed. "You'll get it anyway. You're a nice dude, you can have it. Give me your phone."

"Pff, dude?!" He tries to sound offended but laughs while handing her his phone.

After saving her number in his contacts, her phone, which is on top of the table, lights up and gets his attention. 


imsebastianstan just started following you.

"You have some nerve!" Sebastian gets his phone back and shakes his head. 

"Actually, I have millions of them." Emma stands up and grabs her bag. "This was nice..." Her smirk turns into a shy grin.

"Yeah, I think so too." He stands up as well. "Would you like me to drop you off at the airport?"

"Oh, no need. I'll grab a taxi." Emma shushes him when he tries to insist again and makes the call.

They say goodbye to the blonde girl who was watching them the whole time they were there and get outside.

When the taxi arrives, she takes a step forward and turns to him. "Well, I'll see you-" her phone starts blowing up with notifications. 


imsebastianstan liked your post.

imsebastianstan liked your post.

imsebastianstan liked your post.


"Really?" Emma crosses her arms in front of her chest. "Now who has some nerve?!"

"Millions." He corrects.

Not able to contain her happy smile, she just shakes his hand. "Text me your answers."

"You have to text me the questions first," Sebastian replies and raises his eyebrows.

Emma rolls her eyes. "And you have to text me your number-" the taxi driver honks two times, making them both jump. "JESUS CHRIST, WAIT A MINUTE."

Sebastian bursts out laughing in her face. "Oh man," he wipes his watery eyes. "Jones, I enjoyed meeting you."

"Yeah. Me too, Stank." Before he could come back from that one she gets in the taxi, leaving Sebastian in front of Denny's with his middle finger up.

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