Calm The Fire: 84

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Clawed hands slowly appeared from underneath the gold to accompany the winding neck and observing head of Smaug. He stopped a little ways in front of Bilbo, taking in great lungfuls of air.

“I smell you,” he said lowly, his voice reverberating off of the stone walls. His neck lowered and his head moved closer, his eyes widened as he looked to where Bilbo was standing. When he got a little too close, Bilbo ducked away. “I hear your breath,” he stated while moving away and looking around. Behind him his feet clamoured and crashed against the gold mounds. “I feel your air.” Smaug said teasingly while moving forwards, Bilbo was as low as he could get to the gold beneath him. He looked up with wide eyes as the long scaled body of Smaug moved above him. The dragon's neck twisted and his great head looked around the large hall before him. His eyes flicked around as if hoping to catch a glimpse of the intruder in his home. “Where are you?” He asked lowly, his head turning back in Bilbo's direction as he lowered himself to try and be on the same level as the Hobbit. Bilbo stood stock still and straight backed with wide eyes as he saw the great form of Smaug drawing closer to himself again. “Where are you?” Smaug's tone dipped to a whisper, which made his voice seem more like a hiss from a snake than it had done before. Bilbo let out a quiet scared noise. Smaug by now was right in front of him. He was close enough that he could see the light glimmer off of his sharp teeth, and for the dark pupil of the large orange yellow eye to focus and dart around searching for him. He was also close enough now that Bilbo could determine that he wasn't exactly dark in colour, more a burnt red which was flecked with darker colours. Smaug was drawing closer by the second and Bilbo made a run for it. The movement got what could be classed as either a sneer or a grin from the dragon as the coins rattled and fell from Bilbo's frantic feet.

Darting to watch the direction of the coins, Smaug moved closer. With ease he managed to slink and slide his way through the golden mounds. They were destroyed and scattered in seconds. He regretted doing so, but Bilbo looked over his shoulder. It was an action he regretted because he could see the simple fluid efficiency in which Smaug travelled in this space.

Winged arms with those sharp pointed claws gripping onto anything and everything aided to haul Smaug's large body straight after Bilbo. Skidding down a slope, Bilbo turned and hid behind a pillar.

Echoing crashes signalled that Smaug was not that far behind. “Come now. Don't be shy. Step into the light,” his tone was teasing and playful. His voice stayed low though, with a hint of humour lingering somewhere. Though by the end of his sentence all the humour and teasing had gone and what replaced it was a cold snap and a deathly serious tone. His neck reared up, and his head took to surveying the area around him again. Moving to the side, Smaug's form slowly moved passed Bilbo's hiding place. He in turn pressed himself closer to the stone behind him. “Hm, there is something about you.” Smaug said while opening his mouth and closing it again, he reached up and extended his clawed hand before moving off again. His movements were fluid, yet jerky as he moved to try and hunt Bilbo out. Bilbo peeked around the corner of the pillar, Smaug had disappeared for the moment, well at least his head had. “Something you carry,” sharp rows of teeth suddenly appeared in front of Bilbo. He stepped quickly to the side as the rest of Smaug's head appeared and his eye flicked down to look at him. “Something made of gold,” Smaug said curiously and a low rumbling echoed thoughtfully from him. “But far more...precious.” Smaug said heavily purposely putting emphasis on each and every word he spoke. Bilbo shook his head as he pressed himself up against the pillar again, all he could hear was the echo of the simple words spoken and then something else, something bright like fire yet painful to look at. An eye. A bright fiery eye which belonged to some unknown being.

Smaug's eye widened, “Ah, there you are thief in the shadows.” He said with sudden odd lightness, which was tinged with curious seriousness. His eye looked Bilbo up and down, and Bilbo in turn let out a breathless sigh and nodded slowly, the ring tightly clutched in his hand from where he just took it off.

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