Calm The Fire: 83

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After walking along the corridor, and another small stair case, Bilbo reached yet another corridor. Only this one seemed to open up at the end. He had peeked tentatively around the corner before quietly moving on down this corridor. The closer he got, the more he realized that the open space he was heading for was a hall of some sort. He could spy windows, dark with grime, yet there they stood letting in the dark of the night.

“Hello?” Bilbo whispered as he tiptoed through the door way and more into the room. His eyes looked around. He did expect something to automatically leap out at him. Yet nothing did so far. Straightening up, he reached to the stone door frame and knocked. The knock echoed quietly, it barely made a sound at all. He looked around expectedly again. When nothing happened he ventured further in. Letting out a low awkward cough, he walked down the small walk way. “Not home,” he said firmly to himself with a small shake of his head. “He's not home. Good, good, good.” His voice quietened by the end of his one way conversation. Mainly because he'd reached the end of the walk way. Behind him one staircase went up, and another went down. It wasn't the end of the walk way which had made him trail off. It was more the sight which confronted him. The vast hall – and it was vast – even from here he couldn't properly see the other side. Darkness hung heavy and oppressive. But what little lighting there was, it made the tremendous amount of gold and precious objects which made up huge mounds like rolling hills, shine brightly like millions of golden shining stars.

Bilbo looked around daunted. He hadn't ever really felt small before. Until he was the lone being standing looking over this sight. Everything about this room, with the rolling mounds of gold, made him look and feel suddenly rather small.

Regardless, he set off. He did have a task to do. He couldn't stand here surveying the area. He needed to get down there. With slow motions, he started to walk down the stairs. His feet lightly skimmed across a few gold coins. They rattled and clinked from the sudden weight which was put on them, but other than that there was no other noise. Bilbo winced a few times when he lifted his feet up to take another step and coins did get dislodged and rolled down the stairs, only to land in an already existing mound.

When he reached the end of the staircase, he stepped forward and tried to displace his weight. His feet slightly sunk into the coins which greeted him at the bottom. On his tiptoes he managed to take a few steps forward, he crouched down and watched though as coins rippled down from suddenly having his weight disrupt them. The more he tried to move from his position, the more things started to trickle and roll downwards with a tinkling sound which didn't echo, thankfully.

With wobbly steps, Bilbo managed to get away from the staircase and slowly made his way to a mound of items. Silver gold cups, goblets, plates of both gold and silver with precious items and jewellery strewn over them. Reaching down, Bilbo picked up a small clear gem, he looked it over, held it away from himself and then rolled his eyes back to the mound and picked up another similar gem, but this one was much bigger.

“What's that?” He held up another large clear stone and looked through it as the dim light shone through it. He gave it a small shake while holding it close to his ear. Deciding it wasn't of any real use or significance, he threw it. It was an action which he regretted greatly. Wincing and turning as it skimmed over some gold coins, he held his hands out to where it was making all this ruckus. “Shush, shush,” he whispered, as if that was going to quieten the object.

Moving off he slowly managed to grapple his way up a mound of golden coins and other items. All the while his eyes darted around trying to find the jewel he was sent in here for. “Arkenstone. Arkenstone,” he repeated quietly to himself while crouching to a stop near a pillar. “A large white jewel.” He looked around. As far as his eyes could see, all he could see was gold, gold, more gold, shadows and darkness. “Very helpful,” he muttered. The Dwarves could have given him a little more to go on surely?

Regardless, Bilbo set off on his trek again. He was starting to grow in minor confidence here. So far nothing had happened, so if some coins rumbled down from his footsteps, he didn't pay much mind to them. Though he was still a little tentative, but not nearly as much as he was when he first came down here.

Tilting his head to the side, he reached down and tugged a gold cup from a pile in front of him. He stayed leant over and looking to the coins which tumbled and trailed past him and through his legs. Though when the coins didn't seem to want to stop, did he look up. He cursed his earlier hopes of confidence. The coins which shifted had unveiled something he'd rather not see.

Dark scaled skin, a closed large eye. Bilbo let out a startled noise and quickly backtracked to stand behind a pillar. He had just uncovered and unfortunately discovered the dragon Smaug.

So far the dragon didn't move. Asleep or dead, Bilbo didn't know. Yet his eyes still look around worriedly. Deciding now was a good idea to retreat, Bilbo slowly crept away, he was trying to be as quiet as possible despite the panic which was slowly rising within him.

It wasn't until to the side of him more tumbling coins rippled, he looked and didn't much like the sight of more scales slowly appearing. Turning and looking around Bilbo was confronted with movement he'd rather not pay witness to.

Scratching his head, he looked from where the closed eye and head of the dragon lay, to the other end which had just appeared. Luckily for him – if this could be classed as luck at all – he was still standing near a large pillar he could easily hide against. Not that that would provide any defence against dragonfire.

Taking a step forward, Bilbo winced as there was a loud sliding sound from behind him. He crouched down and though he didn't want to, he looked over his shoulder. His face fell, from the coins which had dislodged and clearly made up Smaug's bed, he had slowly slid down the mound. His closed eye was right behind Bilbo, and this was all Bilbo needed to stand up and start to move off again.

He moved slowly, and backwards, he didn't think taking his eyes off of the dragon was a wise thing. He made a wild leap and let out a startled noise though when the closed eye slowly opened and an orange yellow large iris looked around. Bilbo slid and managed to press his back against a small wall of coins. He looked over his shoulder waiting for something to happen. Bilbo let out a shuddering breath as the large eye looked around regarding everything rather coolly. Looking down to his tunic, Bilbo slowly moved it aside and rummaged for the ring. He looked it over before sighing and looking over his shoulder.

The eye slowly closed and a milky white membrane slid across it as the rest of the dragon slowly started to move. Bilbo didn't need to deliberate over the matter for much more. He stuck the ring on his finger, he disappeared just as Smaug's head fully appeared from underneath all of the gold which was coating him.

A large head with protruding spikes trailing up from his nose, around his eyes and down his neck, large orbit nostrils took in great lungfuls of air, amongst the spikes and scales there was a simple line which twisted up when it stopped just below his eye. This was his mouth, turned up in what seemed to be a permanent smirk. Still, his great narrowed orange yellow eyes surveyed his empire as he continued to sniff the air.

With the ring firmly on his finger, he stood up, Bilbo knew Smaug couldn't see him. Yet as a low rumble echoed from somewhere inside the dragon, and his mouth opened to reveal large sharply pointed teeth, Bilbo couldn't help but still be hesitant and afraid.

“Well, thief...” Smaug's voice was low, yet not low enough to be a guttural sound. More a teasing sarcastic whisper. There was something rather serpentine about his voice, which caused Bilbo to shift uncomfortably as Smaug's gaze turned slowly to look down at where he was standing.


(A/N: I can openly admit, I had one heck of a geek out over this whole moment. Like, the unveiling of Smaug is without a doubt one of my most favoured scenes ever. Just......he's so damn badass....I had a moment just over his eye, let alone when he started talking and moving, that was a strange, different moment altogether xD oh Smaug, the causer of fandom moments! xD)

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