Cairngorm x Reader

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WARNING!! For those who hasn't read the manga yet, please bewarn this oneshot contains SPOILERS from the manga.

This was requested by Mxmii03



After the day Phos lost his head and has been sleeping for years, due to the inclusions working trying to accept Lapis Lazuli's head. Winter duties have been harsh, the winter sleep was delayed for almost a week, it took a toll on the gems as they seemed to messed up more and was more clumsy.

But the day came where they all hibernate, except for [Y/N] of coures. The female gem is now currently greeting Kongo-Sensei who's standing behind the wooden table.

"Good morning Sensei!", [Y/N] chirped cheerfully. The male only smiled and pat the [H/C] gem gently as he greeted her back. Kongo knew how much pain [Y/N] had endured when she lost her only partner Antarcticite. It hurts him to see how the cheerfull [Y/N] become gloomy and dark.

But, thanks to the help of Ghost Quartz, [Y/N] manages to flashed one of her sweet smiles to the world. But when Ghost Quartz was chipped of and taken to the moon, [Y/N] shut herself in and blamed herself for being reckless. Phosphophyllite can't make her smile anymore for he has also changed.

What shock Kongo the most, is that the one that made the [H/C] back to her usual cheeryself was none other than the least expected gem..


The male gem didn't hesitate to pulled [Y/N] out of the darkness and lead her to the bright side of life. Kongo couldn't be more thankfull of Cairngorm, for the cold gem has warmed up for the half winter gem.

Click, clack, click, clack

The sound of a pair of heels filled the empty hallways, both Sensei and [Y/N] looked at the source of the sound only to be greeted by the sight of Cairngorm in his winter uniform. Succesfully shocking both [Y/N] and Sensei.

"Senpai, shouldn't be hibernating?", [Y/N] ask with worry laced in her voice.

"[Y/N] is right Cairngorm, you are supposed to be hibernating with the other gems", Sensei added.

"It seems that I found myself sleepless this Winter. Allow me to assist [Y/N] on Winter Duty", the white haired gem answered as he straighten up his pose into a more soldier like one.

"S-Senpai, I don't think that is ne-"

"Well then, from now on you both shall be partners", Kongo stated as he stared at both gems, [Y/N] who's [E/C] orbs widen in shock quickly went to face Sensei.

"S-Sensei, I'm perfectly capable of doing this myself! Cairngorm shouldn't bother skipping hibernation", The [H/C] gem stated as she stood infront of Sensei.

"You two will go in pairs, one to fight and one to be in watch", Sensei replied calmly, as he walked away to his quarters (for a nap).

Seeing the male leaving, [Y/N] let out a sigh as she then faced the stoic Cairngorm.

"I may not be Antarcticite, nor I have the skills he had. But please, accept me", the white haired gem said as he found himself staring at the sparkling [E/C] orbs.

"You don't have to be Antarcticite, just be youself Cairngorm", [Y/N] chuckled as she dropped the honorifics.

"That is rude, I'm older than you".

"Did Phos ever called you Senpai?"


"Then why can't I not call you Senpai?"

"Because I said so"

And so both gems were in a deep conversation where they just seemed to forget the world and enjoy each others company. Cairngorm can never replace Antarcticite, both are so diffrent and yet they looked alike.

"[Y/N]!", Cairngorm exclaimed as he saw the half winter gem sliced one of his ice floes.

The two are currently competing on who can destroy most ice floes, the winner will get anything they want, and the lsoer must do all the Winner's orders. The game was of coures suggested by the bubbly [Y/N] while Cairngorm being the gentleman he is, agreed on it.

[Y/N] giggled as she then ran to her area to destroy some more screeching ice floes. After about a while,
[Y/N]'s done with her area and was satisfied with the amount that she destroyed. But her happy face soon turned sour when she looked at Cairngorm's area.

"I have certainly more experience than you have.. but how"

"I'm just that good", Cairngorm said bluntly as he hides his forming smirk. "Looks like I win".

"You are so enjoying this aren't you Senpai?"

"What happen to calling me Cairngorm?", the whitenette smirk as he stepped closer to [Y/N], the [H/C] gem backed away and eventually her back hit the ice behind her.

And with both Cairngorm's arms beside her head, she's trapped.

Cairngorm felt himself smirking at the sight before him. [Y/N], his cute little [Y/N]. Cairngorm cannot help but to leaned closer until their foreheads touched with a clink.


"Geez, shut up will you, you're ruinning the moment..", Cairngorm muttered as he frowned at [Y/N] who's pouting at him.

"Says the one who suddenly decided to act weird and cracked me!", [Y/N] exclaimed as she rubbed her cracked forehead.


"S-Senpai..? What did you do..?".

"I just felt the urge to do it".

Both gems are now looking like a tomato. And decided it would be best to go back to school and not talk about this embarassing moment, both gems also decided to forget the silly game. On the way back, Cairngorm couldn't help but to smile to himself, [Y/N] may still grieve and talk to Antarc's hand in the wooden bowl at night while sulking, but he had fixed her.

Cairngorm recalled the moment where he would comfort her, patting her back and often cuddling together to get rid of [Y/N]'s nightmares. Cairngorm had made an impact on [Y/N]'s life. [Y/N] who still longed for Antarcticite, knew that someday she had to let go and move on, and by letting Cairngorm in her life...

Was the best choice she had ever made.

Cairngorm may not look like Antarc nor act like him, but [Y/N] might have just fallen into the charms of the gem who changed her life.

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