Chapter 5: Forgiveness & the Schuyler Sisters

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It had been a week since I had last seen Thomas. Well, I'd seen him. Like, walking in the street or something. But every time I'd try to talk to him, he'd turn on his heel and walk away.

I knew that me taking Alex's side must have hurt his feelings, but running away from me like that? That's just childish.

So I put on a mask of courage and stomped over to Thomas' huge mansion.

I couldn't help but think about how much I missed his face as I knocked on the door. The way he smiled. Even the dramatic way he walked. I pictured me in his arms.

But I knew that these fantasies were wrong to have. With Thomas' looks and personality, he was bound to be taken. And just because he flirted with me doesn't mean that he had feelings for me!

Right? He seemed like the kind of guy who would do that...

That's when the door creaked open, and Thomas' bouncy hair greeted me, along with his beautiful face.

"H-" I started to say, but got cut off by Thomas attempting to shut the door in my face; the attempt was a fail.

A foot that wasn't my own blocked the door from shutting. I turned around to see who it was.

Eliza was the one keeping the door open, while two other unfamiliar women were standing behind her, looking annoyed. Most likely at Thomas.

"Hey, Eliza. W-what's going o-" I began, but Eliza raised a hand to silence me. She glared at Thomas.

"Alexander told me everything about the meeting. And we need to have a little chat with Tommy over here. Come along, guys."

Me and the two women strode into Monticello, while Thomas said nothing. He seemed too shocked to try and kick us out.

We all sat down on Thomas' couch, including him. That's when he began to protest, trying to keep his composure. "Listen, ladies. You need to leave. I'm in the middle of something."

"What, taking a little nap?" one of the unfamiliar women spoke up. She had dark skin, curly, brown hair, and wore a yellow dress.

I snorted at her remark, earning a death glare from Thomas.

Eliza looked at the woman, a small smile crossing her lips. She then turned back to Thomas and started asking him questions, with lecturing in between every couple of words.

"So, what stupid reason did you start avoiding Y/N for?" I knew she already knew the answer, but it was sort of a therapy session, I guess. So she had to ask.

Thomas grumbled the answer so that we couldn't hear.

"What? Speak up," the other unfamiliar woman demanded. She had slightly darker skin than the first, curly, black hair, and wore a pink dress.

Thomas sighed and did as he was told. "Because Y/N sided with Hamilton and not me." He looked at Eliza when he said that.

Eliza told him, "Tell her, not me."
He looked at me with those brown eyes of his. "Because you sided with Hamilton and not me."

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