Ch.17 My journal

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Half a year has gone by, his name was never mention again is like he never existed and is like it was all a dream that I wanted so hardly to believe.

Grimmjow... Grimmjow... damn you. Why did I fall in love with something untouchable, not real, an illusion and a.....drawing?...My heart was strain in pain. All it ever knew was pain.

I stare at the ceiling with my eyes all swelled up from the tears, when attention was caught by that journal. I decided to read the story I wrote for the good time when I notice the drawing I had it was blank, Grimmjow was gone and so was WildRose.

Could this mean that he came from my fan fiction story I wrote, but if that's true he'll die. I can't just wait to let this happen I may hate his ass but I love that ass to much to watch him die.

I bought candles and the other junk I needed. I drew a pentagram like voodoo shit, and lit all the candle and I place my journal in the middle of the circle and I read the chant in Latin. The floor started shaking and the lights went on and off until a dark hole open. My mom then yelled,

"What's the commotion up there?"

I reply,

"I created a portal to find Grimmjow, I'll be back in a few days"

"OK honey tell him I said hi"

I took my backpack and jump hoping that it work. I was amaze that I was in karakura town. And I saw the Candy Shop and I got in there, soon enough I saw Ichigo, Uryu, Rukia, Chad, Renji, and Urahara going down and I slyly follow them. When Urahara open the portal he pointed me out,

"Hey girl, why are you following us?"

I reveal myself and answer,

"I must talk to an Espada I know"

"Who may I ask?"

"Non of your business"

"Well I can't let you. I worry for your safety"

"If you must know is...Grimmjow"

They all seem shock and Uryu blurt out,

"You must be crazy that monster beat up Ichigo badly. How would you talk to such a beast..."

I cut him off,

"Hush your mouth Quincy, he's my friend"

Ichigo then barge in too,

"You must be mistaking. He's not friendly"

I walk towards him and climb on his back and order him,

"Let's get moving carrot top"

"Carrot top?"

"Ichigo move it"

"How do you know my name?"

"I can explain later"

We went in and they try to make their own path with spiritual energy. After many hours we arrive and I quickly made my way in they somehow divided themselves to find Horihime. I tag along with Ichigo cause he was the main person Grimmjow want to kill. After the many challenges and Nel with her friends accompany us.

Ulquiorra surprise us, he saw me and ask,

"What are you doing here?"

"Ulquiorra, I must warn you and Grimmjow if you don't back off you'll die" I explain.

"I don't trust you"

"Please don't do this"

"You love him and"

"Right now loly and melony are beating the shit out of Horihime. Grimmjow is going to fetch her and after you kill Ichigo he's going to bring Horihime to heal his ass for the fight. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow will defy you and trap you in a little box to buy time. So let's save some time and help her"


We ran to where Horihime was and we stop those two, as expected Grimmjow showed up and saw me. He walk closer and growl,

"What are you doing here?"

I couldn't see him directly in the eyes, it was a while since I last saw him and I don't want to fall in love at first sight again. So I reply,

"Grimmjow don't do this. You came from my fanfic and you know what happens at the end of it"

"I don't care I'm going to change the script"

"But Grimmjow..."

"I told you before I don't want you anymore I have WildRose"


He walk to Ichigo and said,

"Let's settle this now for all"

Ichigo then try to talk him,

"Grimmjow I'm not going to fight you"

"What is it going to take?"


"Even if I hurt your friend?"

He shove Horihime to a wall, like usually she's starts crying in pain.

"I won't tolerate you hurting Horihime"

"Well let's fight"

to be continue....

sorry I took long. This chapter is kinda confusing.

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