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6:22 am

Yeri woke up early and went outside to find her friend.

She went to the ice cream shop and was glad to meet Joy there.

"Hi Joy." She sat infront of Joy

"Hello." Joy smiled

"Miss? Are you okay?" The cashier asked Yeri

Yeri's eyes widened. 'What's wrong? Do I look weird?' She asked herself.

"Yes." Yeri nodded and went back talking to Joy

"People are weird.." Yeri laughed and Joy laughed

"Let's go, Yeri." Joy held Yeri's hand causing Yeri to blush

"O-oh, uhm.. I have something to tell you." Yeri stopped walking

"Huh?" Joy asked

"I'm going to visit my aunt later.." Yeri said

"Oh, that's alright. How long though?" Joy asked

"My aunt's house is far, which it will probably take us 1 hour to go there." Joy nodded

"So, Maybe.. i'll not get to hang-out with you for the rest of today." Yeri gave a sad smile.

"That's alright." Joy patted yeri's back

"There's always a tomorrow." Joy smiled. Yeri looked at her watch.

6:57 am

"I better go Joy unnie, bye." Yeri smiled and Joy nodded

When yeri was going to look back to see if Joy is safe. She was shocked to see that Joy isn't there..

'She's fast.' Yeri giggled

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