Filler (Introduction)

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I'm a horrible person...I haven't even updated my other stories but I really want to do this one bc my friend is helping me!


The young male's skirt cutely swayed as he moved his hips walking down the hallway watching people laugh and talk about random things.He sighed as he opens his locker,taking out a few books for his next class.He slams the locker shut and leaves with urgency.

The bell rings,making some students run and bid their friends goodbye or an 'I'll talk to you later'.The raven hair male grabs his soft dark locks and gently brushed them to the back his ear.

Jeon Jungkook,sits patiently waiting for their teacher.He was beyond excited to meet the teacher but not that excited about the class.It was a new year but Jungkook was still the same.

He took a sit by the window some minutes before, and it's just waiting for the teacher,he hopes they won't be homophobic like the last teacher he had for calculus.She always told Jungkook to not dress like a girl because it makes him look bad and pretty ugly in her opinion.

Although he got pretty bad comments for the way he dressed,that never stopped him or put his spirits down especially if he wasn't the only crossdressing,he had his best friend, Hoseok.

The room started to fill up with many students,some casually throwing Jungkook glances or glares.He just ignored them and focused on the front.Soon every seat was taken but the one beside him.He just smiles knowing no one would want to seat with the 'freak' or the 'boy-girl'.

The teacher comes in with a strict face and immediately looks over at the cute male who is sitting there all alone near the window,he just ignores him and walks over to the front.

They all started to introduce themselves,even Jungkook,although many people ignored him as he spoke.
He smile brokenly and went to sit down.

As the teacher started to explain some rules for the class the door opened and a handsome looking guy came inside with a bored expression,his bag strapped on his shoulder and his hair was wrapped in a bandana.

Jungkook merely glanced at him before looking out the window again, he knew that whoever that guy was,was going to sit next to him considering that every other desk was occupied but the one next to him.

He felt the desk beside him move and then and intense stare his way.The stare felt rather odd and confusion lingered through the strangers eyes.

"Why do you dress like that?"The stranger beside Jungkook said.The said male just rolls his eyes."I like it,so I do and dress however I want."The young male says and turns to look away.

He hears the other male mutter the word 'fag' and 'gayfreak' and he immediately knew that him and whoever that strange male was weren't going to get along at all.

He found out that the stranger's name was Kim Taehyung,he hated him.

This is just like a filler or more like introduction to the story lel
I'm sorry for any mistakes I'll fix them later,have a good day.

See you on the next update~~~♡♡♡


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