Bellatrixia: III

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Taehyung waited inside the hotel shuttle van. He gripped at the arms of his jacket, it wasn't even that cold but knowing the situation that he is in, he cannot help but feel that the temperature inside the van is dropping exponentially. Amidst his better judgement he decided to step outside of the van and waited beside the hotel employee who held a sign that said 'Bae Joohyun'.

Taehyung looked at the sign and asked the man for a marker.

"Did we get the spelling wrong, Sir?"

"No. I just ah... I wanted to add a little something." Taehyung replied as he drew a huge heart-shaped creature with arms and legs.

The employee eyed him a few times but did not say anything.

Just then a few cheers and shouts were heard from the arrival area and a few of Joohyun's ardent fans who waited for her arrival scurried to the place where they can at least glimpse of the beauty that she is.

Most of Joohyun's fans were female. She did not mean to give off a charismatic, standoffish image towards her male fans but apparently that's what they thought, and that earned her the nickname "man-hater". It was however, more of the projects that she usually agreed to do that she has attracted a loyal following of females. Even mothers of all Korea liked her and was voted first as "The Female Model/Actress That Ahjummas ask their Bachelor Sons to Marry".

So Joohyun removed her masked and waved at the bevy of fans that waited for her arrival. Her road managers were close beside her, however, rarely does it happen that pushing or invasion of private space happened to Joohyun, it was one of the characteristics of her fans that she liked and she attracted.

Alike people attract each other.

She was a person who enjoyed her private life and was the type of person who would constantly think, "There's always a nicer way to say things." She was always considerate but had a strange aura around her when she's doing projects that relate to her advocacy, that includes: body positivity, the youth, and education.

Taehyung caught a glimpse of the petite figure that walked across the tiled floor of the airport. He felt his hands get clammy, his heart beat a little faster, but he can't  help but smile to himself,

It's been two years and seeing her still feels like this?

So instead of a forced smile that he expected to give her, he had on a goofy smile on his face - goofy but warm. His eyes crinkled on the side and the apples of his cheeks were incredibly high.

If Joohyun hadn't known any better she would have thought that Taehyung was a granfather seeing his granddaughter as she visited him after a long while. And she can't help but smile at him. There were no hard feelings when they broke up, at least after a year of the break up. They each admired the other from afar. They admired each other's aspirations and dreams.

And for a while both were satisfied to be in that relationship.

"Hey." She waved at the people waiting outside the van.

Joohyun made her way towards the van and greeted the employee who held the sign and nodded to Taehyung.

"That's cute." Pointing at the doodle on the paper. "Can I have it? You know, as a keepsake."

The employee couldn't do anything but nod and immediately handed the paper to her.

"Joohyun." Taehyung said, almost a whisper.

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