Phos x Reader x Shinsha

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This was actually two request that I mushed in together because again their ideas for the plot is somehow connected again.
This was requested by Fayesummers and Katsumi_2016



It was a sunny day, a beautiful day indeed! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping happily. Too bad [Y/N] isn't that happy for she was being bothered by the whiny Phosphophyllite who's holding his clipboard while stating every reason why he doesn't deserve the job of making an encyclopedia.

[Y/N] who was doing nothing in the medic corner decided to be nice and listen to her kouhai's ramble on his boring job. After like 2 or 3 hours, the peppermint gem finished talking and was breathing heavily, due to his constant talking.

"Are you done?", [Y/N] snickered at the pouty Phos.

"Yes, I'm done thank you for asking", Phos answered, as he pouted childishly at [Y/N].

"Okay then", [Y/N] said as she stood up and left the whiny peppermint gem.

"[Y/N]-Senpaaaaaaaaiiiiii, don't leave meeeeee!" Phos whined as he latches himself onto the [H/C]'s back.

[Y/N] let out a tired sigh as she just decides to ignore the whiny gem on her back. Jade and Euclase who was passing by, tried to pry of Phos from [Y/N]'s back but failed miserably. For Phos, is not going to let go anytime soon before he gets what he wants.

"[Y/N] help me with the-"

"Encyclopedia right? I have an idea", [Y/N] said with a curious glint in her [E/C] orbs.

"REALLY!? YAY! COME ON THEN SPILL IT!!", the peppermint coloured gem exclaimed happily as he jumped off [Y/N]'s back.

"Why not you investigate Cinnabar's poisonus chemicals that she emits?", [Y/N] suggest as she looked at the now dying Phos.

"I said I have an idea, I didn't say you were going to like it".

"But it's Cinnabar! It's no good!", Phos whined.

"You want to get her a suitable and fun job right?if you somehow managed to find the solution for her poison, you might have a chance to help her and find her a job that only she can do",  [Y/N] explained.


After the whole Cinnabar thing, both Phos and [Y/N] went to the meadow at night to meet Cinnabar who's on night patrol duty. [E/C] orbs scanned the vast green meadow looking for a certain red head gem. Both gems had to squint their eyes for better eyesight for the darkness of the night.

"Senpai this is getting boring. Let's just go back!", Phos pouted as he pulled on [Y/N]'s sleeve.

"There's Cinnabar!", [Y/N] chirped as she waved her hand and called out the red haired gem's name.

Cinnabar who was standing not far from [Y/N], glanced at her before clicking her tongue in annoyance. Her red locks swayed againts the passinh by wind, her chemicals which are floating surrounding her shone under the light of the moon.

"Hello Cinnabar!".

The red head only nod as her red orbs stared at the [E/C] orbs. Her orbs then move to Phosphophyllite who's clinging to [Y/N] uniform. Cinnabar glared at the peppermint gem, for sticking too close to [Y/N], the [H/C] gem may not feel uncomfortable, but Cinnabar is. She's jealous.

"What do you want..?", Connabar muttered loud enough for [Y/N] to hear.

"Actually, we would like to ask a few questions for the Encyclopedia!", [Y/N] replied.

"Why me?", Cinnabar said with a confused tone.

"Because we want to take notes about your poisonus chemicals! They looked interesting!", [Y/N] chirped.

"All you need to know is that my chemicals only kills", Cinnabar said with a frown plastered on her face. Her statement managed to shock [Y/N], but before she could deny it Cinnabar turn her back and walked away.


"Senpai, let's go back", Phos said as he dragged [Y/N] back to school, leaving Cinnabar alone in the darkness of night.

After a while of walking in silence, Phos and [Y/N] got back to the school. Both went to their separate quarters and change into their pyjamas. There, [Y/N] layed sleeplessly in her soft bed as she stared into the blank celling of her room.


"Phos? It's late go back to bed", [Y/N] said as she stared at the peppermint gem who was standing on her doorstep.

"That's the point.. I can't sleep and I was wondering i-if I couldsleepwithyoulikewhenIwasyoung..", Phos muttered the last part in lighting speed as his face flushed red.

[Y/N] only smiled softly as she scoot over to give some space for Phos who happily climbed into the bed and snuggled againts her chest.[Y/N] smiled to herself as she stroke the peppermint coloured locks, earning a satisfied sigh from the younger gem. And before they know it, both gems were fast asleep.

Dawn came, the sun isn't fully up yet, the sky is still dark but [Y/N] is awake and can't seem to go back to sleep. Phos clung to her waist as he snore softly while hugging her from behind. [Y/N] gently remove Phos's arms and managed to put on her uniform without waking the sleeping gem.

Deciding it would be the best time to get out and snack on some fresh morning sun. [Y/N] tied the sword on her back and went to the meadow to meet with Cinnabar who is usually still on patrol.


"[Y/N] LOOK OUT!!"

Before [Y/N] could turn back, Cinnabar let out her poisonus chemicals and burn the arrows that were shot by the Lunarians. [Y/N] unsheathed her sword and deflect the arrows that were aimming for her. Cinnabar then emits a wave of her golden poison and manages to destroy the whole vessel.

"Are you okay..?", Cinnabar asked gently as she went to [Y/N]'s side.

"Don't say that your poison only kills".

"But that's the truth!", Cinnabar exclaimed.

"No, your poison also save lifes, you saved me", [Y/N] said as she flashes Cinnabar her sweet smile, making the red head gem blushed in the process.

"Shut up..", Cinnabar said as she looked away from the giggling [Y/N].



A chorus of 'no' were heard from the hallways. And Phos's screaming manages to wake up the panicking Benito who's also yelling 'Where is my [Y/N]?'. With the two gems in panic, the tub in the hallway also shook in panic, waking up Rutile who's also in panic.

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