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~Sibling scenario~

(Oh, Hiro is 14 and Tadashi is 18)

"Hiwo!" The 6-year-old (Y/n) squealed as she ran towards her big brother, which was Hiro.

"I wanna play!" She continued, bouncing up and down excitedly.

Hiro hummed and crouched down to the little girl.

"What do you want to play?" He asked, amused.

"Hero and villain!" She squealed.

"Tadashi is the villain!"

Hiro laughed as he hollered to the stairs, "Tadashi! (Nickname) wants to play!"

"I'm busy!" Tadashi shouted back.

"She'll cry if you don't!" Hiro added.

Tadashi groaned and stood up, he got up the stairs to see Hiro searching in (Y/n)'s chest box for some capes.

Once he did, he gave Tadashi a long dark blue one while Hiro had a red cape. (Y/n) also had a little (F/c) cape that she loved wearing.

"'Dashi! You will be the villain that captures me! And Hiwo will be my hero!"

Tadashi chuckled and playfully rolled his eyes. "Typical."

* * *

"Aaaaahhh!" (Y/n) squeals in delight as Tadashi scooped her up.

"Help me! Help me Hiwo!" (Y/n) giggled.

Tadashi laughed manically and spoke in a villain voice, "You will never get your princess!"

(Y/n) squealed again and eventually Hiro saved her from the 'bad guy'.

"Thank you for saving me my Hiwo." (Y/n) giggled and hugged Hiro's neck as Hiro was carrying her.

"Your welcome my princess." He chuckled as nuzzles his nose against his little sister's.

Tadashi was sprawled across the floor as Hiro had defeated him.

He looked down on the ground and kicked Tadashi's ankle. "Stop pretending now."

Tadashi chuckled lowly and stood up, dusting his clothes. "Well, Hiro as Hero saved the day again."


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April 29, 2018

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