Ch. 16 Its a little too late

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My heart was shattered and humiliated in television. I refer him as my man. How stupid could I be. He put it on me, I put it on, Like there was nothing wrong. It didn't fit. It wasn't right. Wasn't just the size. They say you know. When you know. But I don't know. I didn't feel the fairytale feeling, no. Am I a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could? Cinderella said when I was young, "One day my prince will come." So I'll wait for that date. They say it's hard to meet your match, Gotta find my better half. So we could make perfect shapes. If stars don't align. If it doesn't stop time. If you can't see the sign. I wait for it. One hundred percent. Worth every penny spent. He'll be the one that Finishes my sentences. If it's not like the movies. Yet that's how it should be. When he's the one, He'll come undone, And my world will stop spinning, And that's just the beginning. It's a crazy idea that you were made perfectly for me. But. You'll see.

Just like the movie so that's how it will be. Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending.

Grimmjow came soon enough, he try to apologize thought I stop him there and said,

"Grimmjow I want to tell you how I feel towards you. So I'm going to sing this song"

I  close my eyes and imagine the rhythm and I sang my heart out,

"I could lose my heart tonight

If you don't turn and walk away

'Cause the way I feel I might

Lose control and let you stay

'Cause I could take you in my arms

And never let go

I could fall in love with you, (baby)

I could fall in love with you, (baby)

I can only wonder how...

Touching you would make me feel

But if I take that chance right now

Tomorrow will you want me still

So I should keep this to myself

And never let you know

I could fall in love with you, (baby)

I could fall in love with you, (baby)

And I know it's not right

And I guess I should try

To do what I should do

But I could fall in love, (mb)

fall in love with you, (baby)

I could fall in love with you, (baby)

[Spanish solo]

Siempre estoy so'ando en ti

besando mis labios,

acariciando mi piel,

abrazandome con ansias

imaginando que me amas

como yo podria amarte.

So I should keep this to myself

And never let you know

I could fall in love, (I could fall in love,

I could fall inlove, (fall in love)

with you!"

Grimmjow was stun. He hug me and said,

"I can't love you"

I busted out crying and I cry out,

"So this will be like an inuyasha thing. We both like each other but we never get together really"

He stood silently, he had nothing to say. I push him away and he attempt to touch me again but I snap,

"Don't touch me! You could have left but why are you here? Why you made me look for a way for home when you could have gotten by yourself?"

Grimmjow reply,

"I wanted to buy some time"

"For what?"

"I don't know"

"Grimmjow Jaggerjack you're fucking unbelievable. I don't want to know anything about you. I want you out of my life"

I yank the hair pin he made me and threw it at him,

"Is that how is going to be. I can't love you cause it'll be hard to stay away. But fuck what I say it don't mean shit now. Fuck all those kisses they leaving me jack. Fuck you bitch I'm going home"


"No, I'm granting your wish I'm leaving you alone"

"I'm sorry. I didn't know"

"Is a little too late for that"

The skies grew gray and heavy so it began to rain harshly. Grimmjow grab the hair pin and smash into pieces as he sprinkle it all over the ground. My body was shivering from the cold rain.

"Grimmjow you can't break up with me, I mean don't go"

"We were never something, we're just strangers with just a single hello and bye"

I grab his arm, he was trying to shake me off.

"Grimmjow... make love to me"

He turn around and face me,

"Are you for real?"


Grimmjow pin me against a tree, he bit my neck roughly as I was trying to hold back my moans but he broke through me when he finger me. Teasing me. He tore savagely my clothes and grab my breast. He wrap my legs around his waist and thrust against my body. I claw behind his back. Right when was going to insert into me, he saw my watering eyes and said,

"I don't want to do this if you don't want me"

Grimmjow let go of me and kiss my cheek saying,

"Take care and goodbye"

He snap his fingers and went through a garganta. It close. I was left alone.

I wail in pain. I run to the left over pieces of his remain. I held them close and I cry. My tears got lost in the rain and I never was the same.

to be continue :(

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