Chapter 9

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{Sombra's POV}

I popped my 34th cherry flavored lollipop into my mouth as I sat on the kitchen counter, swinging my legs while Terrance ate a sandwich. He suddenly started laughing causing me to look at him in confusion and took the lollipop out of my mouth. "What's so funny?"

"It's nothing." He chuckled. "It's just funny that you're still addicted to sweets."

"It's your fault you know." I pointed the lollipop at him. "You introduced me to sweets and I got addicted."

A sly smiled spread across his face as he then slid a red velvet cake with a fork towards me. I bit into the lollipop as I gazed longingly at the cake before chewing the rest of the lollipop quickly and grabbing it. "I hate you so much." I mumbled, as I started to eat the cake.

Sweets are my fucking weakness, thank God that it doesn't mess with my body or health.

"Love you too Star." He rolled his eyes playfully before putting away his plate and the other dishes. Even though I knew he meant it in a playfully way my heart speed faster at his words. Get it together Sombra.

Loves the most pathetic and the weakest thing you could have or give to a person. They will either hurt you or leave you.

I ignored the dark me and continued eating the cake.

"She sounds like such a slut, going after your mate like that." I heard a women whisper, I stopped eating the cake.

"I know, I swear to you Michelle I'm going to beat her ass soon."

Wait, that's May.

Terrance seemed to hear them as well since he stopped what he was doing and listened in as well.

"I don't know why he's so interested in her, she's looks like the type of person to have two personalities."

I kinda do . . .

"Doesn't that mean she has a disorder then?" Michelle asked amused before she gasped. "Wait! I remember you telling me that her right eye is silver which means she's blind!"

"So she has a disorder and a disability? She's practically handicapped, there's no way he would actually want to be with her May, your over reacting!"

May laughed. "Maybe your right, not to mention that Eric told me today that she was a slutty omega who he rejected. If she was rejected by her mate who else would want her?" They both laughed loudly while I sighed and twirled the fork with my fingers. Trying to calm myself down.

Don't let it get to you Sombra.

Hearing something crack I looked up to see Terrance's claws digging into the counter his teeth were clenched and he had a pissed off look on his face.

"There's no need for you to get angry T, I'm used to this." I whispered, closing my eyes only to open them again when I felt the air shift at my side. Terrance walked pasted me, going towards the living room.

"T, what are you doing?" I placed the cake down. He stopped and turned to me.

"Your just going to let them talk about you like that?" He sounded angry.

"I'm used to it, besides I usually end up killing if I confront them and Master's not really happy about that." I got off the counter and placed the lid onto the cake and wrote my name at the top before putting it in the fridge.

"Have you seen the scars on her body, there hideous. I don't understand how she's ok with showing them off." May spoke again.

"I bet she's a cutter too." Michelle snickered and I paled, subconsciously trying to cover my wrists that had faint scars on them.

Stop being a doormat and put them in their place.

I mentally shook my head before looking up at Terrance who looked even more pissed as ever. I gave him a fake smile. "Just ignore them T, it's not worth it." I want to beat their asses so bad.

He didn't listen to me.

He quickly stormed out of the kitchen and into the living room, worried, I followed after him. "T, don't-"

"Who the hell do you two think you are?" He questioned with surprisable calmness. May and Michelle jumped in shock.

"B-baby, when did you get back?" May smiled innocently.

Terrance growled lowly making her pale and step back. She laughed nervously. "Come on babe we were only joking around-"

"Bullshit! Why the hell are you talking about Sombra like that!?"

"Can you calm down, we were just joking!" She yelled.

"Stay in your place non-shifter, don't make me have to get Xavier." Michelle narrowed her eyes at us.

"Go get him, I don't care!"

"Why the hell do you care so much about that waste of space!?"

"That's enough!" I yelled out causing all of them to shut up. I glared at Michelle and May, my blood now boiling in anger. "If you to have something to say about me then say it to my face and not behind my back like fucking cowards."

"And what are you going to do about it bitch?" May got up in my face. "We all know that your a worthless piece of shit who has issues and is unwanted by everyone. Face it, no one would ever-"

"That's. Enough." Terrance spoke sinisterly as he pulled me away from her and to his side. "Don't you ever talk about Star like that, I don't give a damn if your my mate your not getting away with it!"

She opened and closed her mouth before huffing and storming off along with Michelle. He took a few deep breaths before furrowing his eyebrows at me. "Your hurt, and why is your blood golden?"

"Huh?" I looked down at my balled up hands and noticed how my unusual golden blood was dripping onto the ground because my nails were digging into my skin. I unballed my hands, allowing the wounds to heal. "To be honest I don't know know why my bloods like that, it changed color 5 years ago."

"Are you ok?" He voice was soft.

"I'm fine." I reassured him before sighing tiredly. "I'm going to go to bed, good night T." I started to walk past him when he grabbed my arm.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure." I smiled at him.

"Ok then." I blushed lightly as he then placed a lingering kiss on my forehead. "Good night Star."

"Y-yea." I then quickly quickly went up the stairs to my room while Terrance laughed at my response.

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