Chapter 2: A Dance For One

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It's been three days, all that Zoro has done was walk around the mansion aimlessly. More his lack of direction has him going in circles, with what littlest logic he already has it all wasn't enough to inform the Mosshead of where he has or has not already been. Every turn and corridor looked exactly the same one after another. Same chandeliers, same tiles, same decor.

"Hm... Sounds festive," Zoro commented on the upbringing of a sweet toon that leaked into the hallways from its source. Zoro allowed his ears do the thinking that led him all the way to a hallway that stood out above the others. A long red carpet was most precisely lied out upon the stone flooring and stretched for what looked to be a mile from one end of the hallway to the other. And smack dab in the middle of the hallway was one door that remained open, leaking some of the most mind riveting toons ever to be heard.

Zoro made way until he had leaned up against the doorway, his ears remained open to take in the smooth sound of music the wind up record player who's handle spun along with the record that sat within its pin had let off all so effortlessly. There Zoro found something he didn't set out to find, you, this must've been your bedroom.

You were dancing within the middle of the grand space with your arms curled and outstretched merely a foot away from your chest. You were as if on a programmed track of circles you'd step within. Never once have you left the carpeted area of the room while eyes remained closed. You were dancing a couples dance... Alone.

Zoro found the sight, entertaining. Yet all so depressing. To be so alone you pretend there is someone to accompany you by. "Want a partner?" Zoro offered after a moments debate. You squeaked spinning around and clutching onto your chest.

"Were you just spying on me?" You rubbed your arm feeling embarrassed above all else.

"Sorry," Zoro shrugged without any real care. "I got lost."

"Again?" You slumped forward.

"Yes..." Zoro groaned not liking to admit such a fact. "Saw you were dancing alone... Want a partner?" Zoro repeated.

"I-I-I," You kept stuttering, fingers shaking, cheeks burning up. "I-It's a nice gesture... But no, you're hurt," the side effects from your fit of embarrassment of being watched were still acting upon your body in full swing. "Go to bed and get some rest so that you can leave sooner."

"What the hell is your problem?" Zoro raised his voice. "You're a nice girl don't get me wrong, but you're just difficult," Zoro points out, but you've heard said comment hundreds of times before. "Nobody just dances alone like that," Zoro realized that he's more than likely insulting you more and more. "I can tell you like me and Ghost Girl around, you don't want us to leave. So... Why are you telling yourself that you want us to leave so bad?"

"I like company, but I don't like you," you point out. "I have the hardest time trusting people, I wouldn't live here if I could."

"Again... I can tell you don't want me to leave."

"I don't," you huff. "You want to best me and my father, and I won't allow it."

"What'll make you change your mind?" Zoro became persistent.

"Nothing," you tut.

"Fine..." Zoro gave in for the time being. "While I'm here, is it fine if you could tell me how you can turn into a sword?"

"Why are you so persistent to know?"

"I've never seen a human do that. Let alone you're the Hawk's daughter who's been the top swordsmen even before you were born. Now you're his sword?"

"Alright... I can see why you need an explanation," you gave in as well.

"Thank you," Zoro finally stepped into the room and took a seat upon the corner of your queen sized bed. You rubbed your chin, thinking about the most simplest explanation of your powers you could cook up, then finally you were set.

"There's an ancient history of weapons with personalities of their own. They travel the world with humans who connect on a mental level and fight as one..." You outstretched your arm, letting the limb transform into a blade of black steel. "It's a rare ability nowadays with the growing awareness of devil fruits, the existence of my kind is nearly extinct," Zoro nodded his head, it most definitely explained why he hadn't seen a weapon such as yourself before today. "A vessel becomes a weapon fitting to their personality. Your strength and design however are determined by your mental strength and major character defining moments in your life. An example of this would be," You hummed, stepping forward and casually rested one hand on Zoro's bandaged chest. "The day I gave you that scar."

Zoro reached, grabbing you by the wrist gently. But he didn't remove your hand from his chest. "Oh really?"

"Really," you giggle. "It was the day you fought your ultimate rival(s) for the first time," you were quick with more reasons to come. "Gained this nasty scar as well. And If I remember correctly, you vowed that you'd never lose to anyone again. The day you shown your true love and loyalty to your Captain."

"I knew that day was important... But that important?" Zoro figured out you treasure that day more than he had.

"We're all different. So don't count it out," you winked.

"Alright," Zoro smirked enjoying this side of you above the others he had seen. "Tell me more about this ability of yours."

"Well alright," you shrug not expecting Zoro to actually show interest in this lost ability of yours. "So in my case... I was blessed with the ability to be a weapon through my mother's side... Who's now deceased," you sigh real quickly, but the piece of information didn't bring you down in the slightest. "I've taken on the shape of a sword through Mihawk's influence as my father. Mihawk had trained me in the arts of swordsmanship as soon as I decided to hold a sword at the age of five." The history lesson was truly intriguing as Zoro took every word you had spoken to heart.

"Is that where the idea of giving names to possessions isn't different in the slightest?" Zoro just thought of that on the spot, but it was a good point to signal out.

"I don't know," you grinned. "But I don't doubt it!"

"So what about you then," you perked up. "Why are you shaped like a cross?" Your blood ran cold, Zoro actually saw you shiver despite your distance.

"My family used to be really religious... That's all," Zoro could tell you knew the real answer but chosen to dodge it.

"You do realize you're a horrible liar... Right?"

"I..." You grumbled. "I figured as much."

"Do you believe in gods?" Zoro asked suddenly.

"Not anymore," you sigh.

"It's not my room to ask why you're an atheist now, but I don't believe in any gods either."

"I wouldn't say I don't believe in gods..." you trailed off. "I'm just not welcomed... Cause apparently i'm a demon from hell."


"What the!?" You jumped to the shattering of a window not so far away.

"Zoro come save me!!!"

"Perona?" You muttered, running around frantically all in search for your own personal sword.

"What do you think is going on?" Zoro couldn't care less what could happen to Perona.

"Clearly nothing good," you snapped rolling your eyes.


"SOMEBODY HELP! BABOONS IN THE MANSION!!!" Perona shrieked followed by a series of loud echoing crashes of shattering windows and thrown doors and/or furniture with the splintering hiss of the wood breaking upon impact. The entire mansion was vibrating as if a stampede were breaking out along your corridor.

"Shit..." you muttered. "There's no time!" You grabbed Zoro by the shoulder yanking him to face your direction. "You don't have your swords. We have no other choice. You're going to have to use me!"

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