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Tris POV
As I turn over I find that the other side of the bed is cold. I stay in bed for a few minutes until I decide to get up and take a shower. When I get out of the shower I put on a white long sleeve shirt and black ripped shorts with Adidas and sun glasses. When I get ready to walk out of my apartment I get a text. It's from 


Look I know that you are missing four like crazy. The girls and I thought a GNO would help you get his mind off him for one night. I will be at your place at 5:00 so we can get ready. 

She knows that Four is at a conference in Boston. And yes I have been missing him. I got a text message from him yesterday says how much he misses me sleeping in his arms.  Speak of the devil
Four (Tobias)
Good morning my love I just wanted to let you know it's not the same without you in my arms.
  I have a smile on my face after reading this. So I decided to text him back.
Hey, I just saw your messages and I know how you feel. I can't wait until you are back home. It's just one more day then you will be back home . I love you .
After I said that I walked into the garage.
At a stop singing I got a text from Four.
I love you too. And I can't wait to get home.
                  At work
As I walk through the door I see Tori working on something. I walk over to her and ask what she is working on.

"Hey Tori"

"Hey Tris"

"What are you working on? "

"It's some thing for you and four of when you two get married."
She knows that Four hasn't proposed to me yet.

"Tori you know he hasn't asked me to marry him yet right? "
"Yeah I know I think he wants to though.
He is probably going to wait. Until after the choosing ceremony and the transfers make it through"
She is right. Tomorrow is when all of the young kids get to choose what pack they belong in. I leave Tori to work. I should probably do the same but I just can seem to in the working mood.
After work
When I came in from work I start to get ready for GNO.

                                                                           after work 

I walk into my apartment. I look at the at clock it reads 4:53. shit. I need to hury up and take a shower and get dressed. I strip out of my work clothes and into party clothes. As much as I love my friends I dont like how they dress me. 

when I look at the clock agina it 5:01. My friends should be here. I spoke to soon. The door flyes open when I see Lynn standing by the door. 

"hey lynn"


"you ready for tonight?"

"Ready as I will ever be."

"aww come on it will be fun."

"yeah yeah."

"come on "

when we walk out of my apartment and walk to the elevator. when we walk into the club and I see all of my friends. and lets just say the rest is history.

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