Chapter 22

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{Hey guys before we start here there is a LEMON in here so get your holy water ready my filthy sinners.....You have been warned also the pic above was drawn by mee}

{(Y/N) POV}

"Well since we are having a very touching moment.." Anti said as he slowly got down on one knee while everyone stood around us "(Your Full name) will you do me the honor of being my wife? You have made me the happiest demon I could ever be" Anti said nervously. My vision goes blury as I Start to cry. "YES ANTI I WILL MARRY YOU" I screched out as he slipped the ring on my finger and pulled me into a heated kiss, with out tounges intertwining and Anti winning dominence over my mouth "HEY not in front of my inocent eyes!" Mark yelled sheilding his eyes."Yeah surrrreee your really innocent" Ash said making Mark blush {HEHEHE}

{Later when everyone has left}


"God I'm so happy right now no one even knows" I said breathing shakily, whilst leaning on Antis shoulder, sitting on the couch, "Hehe I bet you are baby" Anti said putting his hand on my inner thigh making me blush wildly. {Goin into it right away lmfao} I look up into his eyes to see lust in them as he stared at me with the best intentions, Anti then suddenly sprang forward on top of me, and pulled me into a kiss that turned into a heated make out session. Antis hand slowly went down to my pants and with a swift motion they were gone. "A-anti before we do this again, i want you to know how much I fucking love you" I then kissed him after saying this and wrapped my legs around his waist, while slightly grinding on him, making the tent in his pants grow immensely

Anti pulled away from the kiss and pulled down his pants and boxers slowly to let his member spring free making him groan in slight pleasure. I blushed while I stared at his body and started to take off my own cloths rather quickly. I then crawled over to him slowly and gripped his member stroking it up and down making him groan and bite his lip, "c'mon baby stop teasing" he said grabbing a clump of my hair and pulling my face closer to his member. I then proceeded to lick his shaft from bottom to top and start to bob my head making his member go down my throat making me gag slightly. Anti moans grew louder and his member started to twitch meaning her was close so I pulled away. "Why the fuck did you do that" he said in slight aggravation, making me just giggle out. Anti then layed me down and pulled me closer and started to tease my soaked core with the tip of his member "Anti p-please just fuck me already!" I said shakily with anticipation. "As you wish baby girl" He said with a wink as he slowly pushed his 9 inch member into me as I moaned in pain and pleasure "God baby your still really tight" he groaned out feeling my walls tighten around him, signaling that he could move. He slowly pumped in and out of my core, making me crave him even more.

"F-faster Anti!" I called out to him in a high pitched moan, which in turn made him go faster and harder into me making us both groan and moan everywhere. The more he thrusted the closer I felt to my climax and as soon as he started to suck and bite my necks weak spot I felt a knot in my stomach form as he pounded into me. "Anti! I'm g-gonna-" "I know baby, me to!" Anti cut me off. His thrusts became sloppier and more heavy. After a few more thrusts I came all over his member making him pull out, and cum all over my stomach. After a few minuets of heavy panting together I washed myself off and fell asleep with him on the couch {I'm sorry it was short I had 2 hrs to type this before I leave}

{Lemon END, and prolog for story end}

{1 year and a half later}

Anti was in the other room feeding our baby Jade, while I was hanging up pictures of our wedding that happened a few weeks earlier, my dad, I found out, had a new deadbeat girlfriend who was also a drunk, WOW i perfect match, I thought as I rolled my eyes as I hung up the last picture on the wall, i then felt a tap on my shoulder to me my baby girl and Antis side reaching out for me with grabby hands. I picked her up and spun her around before kissing her entire face. "Awe look at my two girls" Anti said with a happy smile causing me to hug him with Jade in my arms. *Ding dong* we hear the door bell ring, we walk over open the door to see Ash and Mark "Oh hey guys" Anti said while stepping aside letting them come in. Ash's eyes lit up and ran over to me grabbing Jade out of my arms and talking in a high pitched voice to her "OHHH! WHO'S A CUTE BABY? IT'S YOU, YOU ARE!"

I giggled at her child like actions and continued talking with Mark, and Anti for awhile until we get a call from Wilford, and I put it on speaker, "oh hey Wilford, how's Bing doing?" "Yea that's what I called about....I may or my not have accidentally killed him and buried him in the dessert" Anti started to bust out laughing and mark just stood there with his jaw dropped "Uhhhhhhh, well at least we wont have to worry about him coming back, right?" Ash stated simply "OH is that Ash I hear? That means Mark is there too! I'll be right over" *Wilford yelling* "Dark! Mark is at (Y/N) and Anti's house!" "LETS GO!" Dark yelled and Wilford hung up then a puff of pink and black smoke formed in the middle of the room and when it faded we saw Dark and Wilford as expected "Hello ladies~" Wilford said looking at Ash and I, we rolled our eyes and let Dark and Wilford hold Jade for the millionth time this week "Ya'know Jade will be dressed in the finest clothes ranging from pink and tan to red and white" Wilford said triumphantly "No she wont she will obvious that she will wear my merch to promote me" Mark said "because ya'know shares are a little low latley" {Please say you guys get that joke from the amnesia vid he did recently LMFAO}.We all started to laugh and have fun for the rest of the day, till everyone went home. And from then on the rest was history....and it all goes back to....When I saw You....


okay I'm legit crying, I've been with this book for legit 2 years and improved my writing alot, thank you all for your love and support and I wouldn't be here if you guys hadn't kept me going, and I wanna say thank you. But enough sappy stuff I'm making a lemon book and these will actually be good lemons i promise but with slow updates and the next fanfic will either be Ethan from Crankgameplays or Markiplier, welp as always I gotta go and eat some Doritos! thank you all and I'll see you in the next book!

~Ash AKA Author chan <3

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