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It was the next day and we were getting ready to go to the store. "Ok. Cas write down everything we need for tomorrow. I'm gonna go clean Claire up"dean ran upstairs.

I put my jacket on and handed Cas a pen. "So, you doing ok?"I asked. "I'm doing awesome actually. I'm starting to sleep better. Claire is a happy baby and loves me. And dean. Everything is amazing. How are you?"he asked.

I shrugged. "Can't go a second without making out with your brother"I told him. He smirked. "Reminds me of how dean and I use to be"he chuckled.

"I remember that to"I whispered.

He nodded. "Sorry about.......everything"he patted my back. I shrugged.

He started to write down items. "How did you know you liked my brother?"I asked. "Well, you remember Dean being Dean. Not wanting to like me. Well, the last time we said we would see each other in that way. He kissed me. And it felt......like everything was....done for. But he told me he loved me. And I'm happy"he explained.

"So when you thinks it's your last kiss?"I asked. He nodded. "I think the trip won him over. But yeah"he shrugged.

"It was funny when you tripped"Dean said. I laughed. "Stop being like a school girl Sammy. Your an adult. And so is he"Dean said.

And at that Gabriel ran downstairs,passed us to the laundry room. His rubber duck underwear.

I gave Dean a look. "Ok. Maybe half an adult"he shrugged. "HEY DEAN WERE YOU STARING AT MY ASS?"gabe yelled from the laundry room.

"Why did we let him move in?"Dean asked his Husband. Cas shrugged.

While later

Once we got to the store. We separated and grabbed all the things we needed. Gabe following me, only because he wanted candy.

"So. Sam?"he asked. I gave him a look. "Were you staring at my rubber ducks"he winked. I groaned.

"I knew it."he laughed. Just than I bumped into someone.

"Sorry"I said. Than I realized it was Amelia.

"Oh shit"Gabe said. "Gabriel. Sam"she said. I nodded.

"Um........"I didn't know what to say. "How have you been?"she asked me. "Ok I guess. Told my brother I was gay"I said. She gave me a glare.

"Your what?"she asked. "Gay. You know g-a-y. What can't spell?"Gabe asked. I hit his arm.

"I can spell idiot. Just couldn't believe it"she stared at me. I shrugged. "You cheated on me. I have a right to be whatever I want know"I said.

"Oh don't put this on me."she said. "That Guy put something in you"Gabe whispered. "Gabe. Stop talking"I said.

"Ok. Jeez"he said. "Listen I need to get stuff for the party tomorrow. Goodbye"I said. "Yeah. Bye bitch. We all talk bad about you"Gabe said. I rolled my eyes and started to drag him.

"Even Claire hates you"he yelled. "Do you ever stop talking?"I asked him. "Nope. It's a curse"he smirked. He kissed my cheek and ran off to get candy.

I turned around and saw Dean. "God you two need therapy"he said. "Yeah."I nodded.

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