Chapter 37: This is Real

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I drove way over the speed limit to get to Sonya and Todd's house. I still couldn't believe I didn't put my phone on the charger. I had my alarm set and I had enough juice to get me through the night so I wasn't sure what drained my battery. I reset my phone after downloading the new update hoping that it would fix the battery issue because there was no way my phone should've died like it did.

It was Morgan's birthday and she had eight friends over for a sleepover. She invited both Aylen and Kiana which gave me the night off and of course I wanted to spend it with Phillip because being around him was something I constantly looked forward to. He made me feel beautiful and desired and he didn't judge me for any of the decisions that I made. We were having so much fun together that it made me temporarily forget about my problems with Rashad.

The more I thought about it, the more I decided that I really wanted to go on the birthday trip with him. Getting away from everything for a weekend sounded like fun and something I could really use right now and what better way than to hang out at the beach with someone who made me feel good about myself.

The minute I pulled into their driveway, I jumped out of my car and rushed to the front door. It was well after twelve, even closer to one by then. Todd answered the door and he wasn't as friendly or welcoming as he normally was with me and I assumed it was because of my lateness.

"Sonya's in the kitchen making the kids lunch," he said under his breath.

"Okay," I said and headed in that direction as he went in the opposite.

"I'm so sorry," I said the minute I saw her piecing together sandwiches.

"I already told you it's fine, they are upstairs playing with Morgan, they are good."

I looked down at my phone, "I don't know what happened, when I went to sleep my phone was at forty percent, then when I woke up it was completely dead." I slid onto the stool across the counter from her.

"Did you do the new update? You know those iPhones be acting up until you do," she said. She didn't seem upset or bothered by my lateness and I was thankful for it.

"I did it while on the drive over here," I answered stealing a piece of lunch meat and sliding it inside of my mouth. Looking at the food reminded me that I hadn't eaten on top of only getting a few hours of sleep.

"Want me to make you one?"

"Please?" I said grateful for the offer.

As she began to make another sandwich, I looked on.

"Did you get into anything last night? Or did you chill at home?" She asked as she busied herself with making the plates for all five kids. I stood up to help her distribute the chips onto each plate.

"I was out," I answered cryptically.

"Were you out alone?" She dropped her voice and looked up at me.

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