Chapter four

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     " Hey, why don't you hop in and I can give you a lift to school," Hunter said as he rolled down his window of his truck. Again I was put in the position of choosing between socializing with a boy or just going about my way and of course I chose the boy... if you could see those eyes you would chose the same thing.

     I walked around the side of his truck and hoped in trying as hard as I could not to wince in pain from having to jump. My efforts though were not good enough to convince Hunter.

     "Are you all right?" he asked looking at me in deep concern. It made me want to reach over and touch his cheek just to tell that he is in fact a real person, a person that actually cares about me. Shaking those thoughts a side I quickly nod my head and turn the other way to look out the window and was happy to see that rain clouds were forming at a rapid pace.

     For what seemed like a year we sat in the quiet without moving. I could sense Hunter's eyes staring at me and I of course could not sit still. But that moment was soon over and was replaced with the sound of Hunter's engine cranking and the sound of tires on pavement. The ride to school was of course awkward because Hunter obviously knew something was up and I was to worried to say anything the whole ride to school, so we both were silent.

    When we arrived at school there was a loud crash of thunder and then a boat load of rain. For a moment, both Hunter and I sat in his truck and just watched as the other students went running for shelter. The sound of the pitter patter of rain was so soothing to me and I quickly began to drift to sleep until I was jolted awake by a crash of thunder followed by lightning.

    "Are you sure you are all right? You just look so out of it" Hunter said to me.

     "Yes, I am absolutely fine. I just didn't get a good night's rest last night and I feel off my bed this morning." I quickly lied as I looked into his eyes. I could literally sit there all day and swim in those eyes if I had the time.

     " Jessica, you know I will always be here for you. You can always come to me with problems." He replied with pure concern in his voice. That boy had a gift about him. He is able to read me like I am an open book even though I try and stay as closed up as I possibly can.

     Before Hunter could say anything else that might push me over the breaking point I quickly got out of the truck and began to hobble my way to the school building. I was about half way there when all of a sudden a sharp pain erupted out of the side of my stomach sending me to my knees. I fall to my back and lay there trying to gasp for air but nothing was coming in. With in seconds I hear a door slam and hear feet running until Hunter pops into my view. I begin to black out but not before I hear Hunter say "I'm here Jessica, don't worry, I'm here."

     I wake up in a hospital room. The only reason I know it is a hospital room is because of how white everything is. I try sitting up but quickly stop when i feel a sharp pain in the side of my stomach. I look around the room and see two chairs next to my bed. One holding my school bag and the other holding the sleeping body of Hunter.

    For a while I just stare at him. I stare at his perfectly sculpted body and at his wonderfly structured jaw line. I take this quiet time to just really understand all the diffrent features of this amazing guy named Hunter. Before I know it I am dozing back off.

     Again I wake up in the same hospital room but this time with an awake Hunter. He has yet to notice me awake and I stare at him again. The way my eyes are scrolling over him I would be very embarrassed if he caught me staring.

     " Jessica, hey! Oh my gosh are you okay? Are you in pain? We can get the doctor..." Hunter says as he rushes to my side after realizing I'm awake.

     "No I am not in any real pain, only if I move... So what exactly happened?" I asked him trying to sit up again. I winced in pain and Hunter quickly fluffed my pillow and positioned it so I was comfortable.

     "Well, you fell down outside of the school and passed out. So I called 911 and they brought you here. Apparently a couple of your ribs were broken and one of them had poked a hole in your lung and you weren't getting any oxygen.You have been out for two days" Hunter explained to me as I just sat there in worry. All I could think about was What is Jack going to do to me when I do return home. What if they take me away and he comes searching for me! I just sat there and began to panic a slight bit.

     " Jesse, you don't have to panic! The doctors fixed you all up and said you could leave in a couple of days. But they are also going to come in and ask you about what exactly happened to make you have broken ribs. And also this mark on your neck. Apparently you had makeup on it to hide it and when you collapsed the rain washed the makeup off." Hunter said trying to calm me down while also giving me another panic attack at the same time. All I could do was try and maintain my breathing as best I could. Without warning, Hunter grabs my hand and brings it to his face.

     " Jessica you need to calm down, okay. You have nothing to worry about. Just focus on telling the truth and breathing." he said as he began rubbing small circles on the back of my hand trying to soothe me, and it was working.

     A couple of minutes after that the doctor came in with a women in a suit and they politely asked Hunter to leave the room so they can begin to ask me about my injuries. This of course made me all panicky again but I tried picturing Hunter holding my hand  and it made me a little bit calmer.

     "Jessica, I need to know how you got all of these injuries." the women in the suit said as Hunter shut the door. 

     I slowly took in a deep breath and thought about what choice I was going to make....I have a feeling some people are not going to like it.

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