Chapter 8

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Flashback when Terrance was 7 years old~


"Terrance sweety don't go too far ok?" My mom yelled out from the living room as I rushed outside into the 4 foot high snow. I didn't answer her and continued running going past the other kids.

"Hey Terrance, come play with us!"

I turned to Eric and his friends who were all having a snowball fight and fidgeted, I didn't like hanging out with other people. I never liked anyone in this pack for some reason.

Maybe because they were all the same.

I really want to leave this place.

"N-no, bye!" I continued running, ignoring the strange looks I got from the others and went deeper into the forest holding the book close to my chest. When I was deep enough in the forest, far away from everybody I stopped running and caught my breath. I put my bag down and was about to sit by a tree and read my book when I heard a small whimper. I held my breath and looked around. All I could see was snow and trees.

And silver hair.

"Hey! I can see you!" I yelled out. A small squeak came from the person as he/she tried to hide behind the tree. I slowly walked towards her

It was a girl, she had one blue eye and one silver eye and was wearing nothing but a weird brown torn up dress that reached her knees. She looked terrified as her body begun to shake from the cold. . .or was it fear?

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