Chapter One

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Hi everyone! xxI'm absolutely ecstatic right now, and to be honest I still haven't really grasped the fact that MDM is now over, and I'm starting THE SEQUEL!

This experience has been so incredible for me, and I love each and every person who has supported me throughout the journey with Million Dollar Man.

Catching His Queen ©


I've always been disgusted by the sound of a heartbeat. It should be something beautiful, for it is a reminder of life; yet I see it as a gross reminder that you are still alive and suffering.

Each beat mocks you. It taunts you and pushes you closer and closer to the brink of insanity.

And that's where you will stay, standing on the edge of a cliff, staring down into the cold, dark, enticing waters, until one day you fall.

Or maybe you are pushed.

Does it really matter?

I shifted as quietly as I could, as quietly as one could while hiding underneath a cheap bed.

Thunderous footsteps echoed throughout the apartment. It was as if each step was laced with hatred and malice.

And suddenly, the footsteps were gone, and silence replaced the noise that once rang within my small apartment.

Deafening silence, I might add.

With that silence came an entire new level of fear. You see, fear cannot be defined as one thing. There's the fear of being caught with your hand in the cookie jar-and let me tell you one thing, that isn't fear at all. Then there is the fear that you'll be caught cheating on a test, and so on. But the worst fear is forgotten fear.

Fear you once had, and then one day, it returns. Sort of like a boomerang.

You see, there is no warning as to when it returns, and when it returns, its venom paralyzes you and claims your life without a sliver of mercy.

Fear that I thought I had left behind, forgotten, had returned when I thought I was safe. This fear returned ten months later.

Ten months.

Do you realize how long ten months is? It's three hundred and four days, seven thousand two hundred and ninety six hours, and four hundred thirty seven thousand, seven hundred sixty minutes.

That is how long it's been since I've seen the Kings and that's how long since I've felt this fear.

They say that fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up.

I guess in a way, I had never felt more alive in my life. Crippled, but still alive.

In the midst of all the silence, there was only one that I could hear. My heartbeat was slamming against my ribcage, making me cringe and wince with every beat. It was sending me closer and closer to the edge, and I knew deep in my gut that this was the day I'd fall off the cliff.

"Come out, come out wherever you are."

I suppressed a scream as a pair of dark boots entered the room. I felt tears burn at the back of my eyes as the boots moved around my room, toying with the things I had left scattered over my desk. I felt my heart nearly stop as a second pair of boots entered the room.

It was as if my life had turned into a sick game of hide and seek.

"Where the fuck could she have gone?" He hissed. Anger was evident in his tone, and despite the fear that quaked through me; I felt a smirk slip onto my lips.

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